The Voice Behind the Door is a channel specifically designed for Conservatives still in the “Closet”.   “The Voice” as we will call this person, is one of The Closet on the Right’s contributors writing under anonymity in order to protect their business, livelihood, and relationships.  “The Voice” will be writing weekly stories, experiences, and other articles detailing their day to day life of being in the conservative closet.


In addition to “The Voice’s” articles, we accept other written or video testimonies from fellow closeted conservatives.  These individuals have topics or issues that they want to express freely but are unable to due to fear of public backlash, retaliation, and violence.

Unfortunately, we are living in a time when such anonymity is required for many Americans.  The Closet on the Right is dedicated to giving anyone who needs it, an outlet for their thoughts, feelings, ideas, and opinions that is safe.

Have something to say?  We want to hear from YOU.

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