Not the Brightest Bulb on the Tree

We’ve all seen the memes on Facebook and Twitter making fun of how irresponsible and stupid this woman is.

We all get a kick out of them as well. Of course, my favorite meme is Alexandria eating a box of crayons and saying,  “this doesn’t taste like grape.”

It’s apparent this woman appears not to have a clue what she is talking about in many of her statements.

She thinks the three branches of government are the House, the Senate, and the “Presidency.”

AOC, please let me help you out babe, EXECUTIVE, LEGISLATIVE, AND JUDICIAL.

Not to mention, their titles are self-explanatory; I honestly don’t feel like I have to explain them.

Then, her little-coordinated protest of women “wearing white” at the SOTU address on February 5th, 2019, which allegedly stood for “women’s rights.” However, she refused to stand up for an ovation when President Trump announced saving hundreds of women at the border from being trafficked in from Mexico.

Not those women’s rights though.

Her recently proposed green energy bill that will place everyone back into the stone age riding bicycles to work in a blizzard. As a Denver resident, people driving around in 2WD is chaotic enough. Good one, AOC.

This “green bill” would also create jobs using solar power which would then get rid of racism somehow? Because those two topics just don’t mix at all.

She Still Can’t Answer the Million Dollar Question

Did anyone care to look at how much taxes she is proposing to make that happen?

In recent interviews, she’s expressed a desire to tax some citizens from 70-90%.  According to AOC, this “marginal tax rate” would only impact the excessively wealthy who “don’t pay their fair share.”

What she fails to realize is that even if she taxed the most wealthy 5% of America, we would still fall very short of her radical plan.

To implement this plan, she would have to tax every American family at a 70-90% tax rate. Many families are struggling to pay their bills even with President Trump’s aggressive tax cuts. Many American families work more than one job to make ends meet.

Let me ask you this, how many jobs will you need to have a roof over your head if the US government takes 90% of your paycheck?

Visit A Socialist Country

As a child living in Germany, I spent two weeks in the socialist country and experienced socialism first-hand.  (This system eventually failed in the Czech Republic and is now a liberated Republic.)

Since the state takes 90% of your paycheck, you have kids not to have a family but to have them work to pay for rent.

On your day off, you stand in line for several hours to receive an allotted grocery list based on your family size.

If you need shoes, you wait in line for two to three hours to get shoes. Unfortunately, if you wear a size ten and all they have left by the time you get to the end of the line is a size six, you’re cutting the toes off the shoes, or leave it.

The Reality of AOC

WAKE UP AMERICA, that is what socialism is. The state takes, and they don’t give. You don’t get options, you lose options.

And that is not the scary part! The scary part is this woman was elected into congress.

Does anyone realize what that means?

She manipulated a lot of uneducated people by telling a lie that life is better if we give her money to get free stuff.

This woman is smarter than she looks, and that’s not a good thing.

She convinced enough people to vote for her to get her into Congress so she can be a part of the legislative branch. Trust me; she is aware of what that is.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is more dangerous than most of you think, and what you don’t realize is they lie and repeat the lie to make it sound more and more convincing.

Do you think that this woman is this dumb? Or is the reality that she is playing dumb?

Our country is in severe danger for allowing a communist to be a part of the legislative branch. Unfortunately, it’s not just her. Several other radicals have joined her in Congress as well.

No, this is not paranoid fear mongering either, our country is doomed if we allow this trend to continue. The threat is real. I do not trust this woman, and she is not stupid.

Do not let her ignorance bypass as that innocent little school girl who randomly won an election with hopes and prayers from New York.

She’s a lot smarter than we are giving her credit for, and if you think for one second believe that she couldn’t hurt a fly, think of the actual position she is in with the government; THE LEGISLATIVE BRANCH.

She’s in a position to influence the writing of legislation. Half of the country is already left-leaning Democratic. It’s not hard to convince a liberal to move to a socialistic idea.

The warnings are here. Are we going to listen?