Do people really think that it’s a coincidence this congressional hearing that was set up on the same day that President Trump arrives in Vietnam to have a meeting with Kim Jung Un to negotiate a peace treaty?

Do you honestly feel this was not intentional to make President Trump look as bad as possible?

Our great President is on the other side of the world, trying to keep a crazy communist from blowing America up and starting a war.

While he’s not in America, Democrats are defaming his character in a congressional hearing!

WAKE UP AMERICA! The media is duping you, and the Democratic Party wants you to “hate” President Trump, when in fact, he is probably the only person in over five decades who has done anything for the country or even gives a crap about your wellbeing.

Seriously, if you still don’t understand the “real” collusion happening in America, then you need to go back to school and start over from the first grade. Or maybe you need to take yourself out of the indoctrinated school system and learn some good old fashioned common sense.

I, just as many others watched the Cohen congressional hearing, and I guarantee you I walked away from that hearing with a different mindset than what liberals did.

And I saw and watched the same hearing as you did.

Shady From the Beginning

First, Democrats waited until the night before to submit any evidence.

You must submit evidence to Congress at least twenty-four hours prior to any hearing per their requirements. Democrats deliberately disobeyed this requirement. Massive intentional violation of the rules in Congress?  Appears to be the case.

Think about that for a moment.

How is it that Congress didn’t receive the evidence in time, but it was available to be broadcast on a national scale now?  The Democrats deliberately withheld the evidence to prohibit Congressional Republicans from dismantling it.

Next, Representative Jim Jordon questioned why CNN had all the material before Congress had it. That’s a great question!  How does CNN manage to know about highly sensitive happenings before anyone else does?

Naturally, he gets cut off by Representative Cummings because Michael Cohen “needs to be heard.”

In my opinion, the constitution no longer means anything to Congress anymore.  America, we’re in dangerous times.

Before the Congressional hearing, members took a vote to decide if they should delay this hearing so everyone would have a chance to review the evidence submitted.

Although the majority of the votes were “NAY,” Mr. Cummings overrode the nay vote and forced the unconstitutional hearing.

Rep. Cummings reaffirmed once again that Democrats only care about the Constitution when it serves them.

A Different Set of Rules

The Democrats create their own rules and do what they want at the end of the day.

Alright, I have a question for all of you democratic loony toon liberals out there who are a part of the “justice movement.”

Does justice only matter if it swings in your favor?

No need to respond, I’m sure I’ll get all the hate emails afterward.

Moving onto the congressional hearing, which was a complete and total joke that lasted five and a half hours. This hearing should not have lasted any more than thirty minutes because it was that much of a waste of taxpayers dollars.

Now, I can sit here and break down word from word everything that has happened, but that would be too lengthy, so I am just going to go over some highlights.

The Hearing

First, do you guys know who orchestrated this entire hearing? Lanny Davis! The same Lanny Davis that is “best friends” with the Clinton’s.

Not only did he tell the committee staff that the hearing was his idea, but he also had to persuade the chairman to have the hearing.  Also, he had to convince Michael Cohen, who is a “convicted perjurer” to come back into the courtroom and encourage this witness to violate a client-attorney privilege.

Michael Cohen was unable to provide any proof of his accusations to members of Congress.  Aside from this “one check” that was submitted the night before the hearing, all other testimony was simply “name calling” and “slandering.”

Verbatim, Cohen stated,

“He’s a racist, and a conman, and a cheat.”

Ok, I think Obama is a cheat but does that mean I have any right to go and slander his name and smear his character in a Congressional hearing? Not unless I have some proof to back it up.

Multiple congressional representatives kept pointing out the fact that Michael Cohen is a pathological liar. However, many asked those present not to overindulge the signs that were made to make fun of him. Quite a few large signs called out Cohen as a “pathological liar.”

Question: Didn’t Michael Cohen already receive a conviction for lying to Congress?  What makes this any different?

What drove me nuts about this circus of a hearing was how representatives such as Ms. Speier would “prompted” Michael Cohen questions.

Once again, Democrats are making up their own rules.

“How many times did President Trump have you threaten people, was 50 times, 100 times, 200 times?”

Sure sounds like prompting for a specific answer to me.

Also, did anyone catch how hilarious it was the Debbie Wasserman Shultz (who rigged the Democratic Party Primary so Hillary could win, and was also forced to resign because of it) questioned Michael Cohen about whether trump rigged the election?  The lunacy is real, and you cannot make this stuff up.

No Seriously, she did ask this.

It’s not hard to see the sole purpose of this meeting was to smear President Trump and nothing else.

Lanny Davis used whatever leverage he still holds in DC to set up a Congressional hit job. Not surprisingly, the media was more than happy to participate.

Many of those foaming at the mouth for this hearing didn’t even watch the full interview.  Yet, they content to use sound bites to “prove” their narrative of the President.

What I find the most interesting is that these supposed “intellectuals” are but a puppet for the media to use for their own gain.  They know how to manipulate emotions and facts for maximum effect.

Sadly, Americans are buying into it and that’s the most frustrating part.  What about you?  Are you awake yet?