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[Guest Post] Silence The Truth: The Suppression of the Yellow Vest Movement

Suppression of the Truth Since I was a child, I have favored strong women in my life; both my mother and also my 6th-grade math teacher, Michael Nakovich. I don’t know what Mrs. Nakovichs politics or beliefs are, however, she always told me “DO NOT LET ANYONE SILENCE YOU, OR SILENCE THE TRUTH.” And the […]

CoTR Member Gets Doxxed for Being Conservative


Doxxed: A Definition Getting “Doxxed” is something that started with the Hackivist group Anonymous. It is also something that WikiLeaks started doing as well they started publishing leaked confidential or top secret information.  Once other activist groups noticed this was an effective method of publicly shaming their targets, it became common practice for activists. And so started […]

Facebook Censorship: Playing with $2B of Fire

Facebook Censorship Gamble

Facebook Censorship Is Getting Worse You’re playing with fire, Facebook.  The censorship of Conservative voices is becoming more obvious every day.  You have yet to ban a left-leaning or liberal person by “mistake”.  Or at least I haven’t heard of one.   So far, it has happened to Brandon Straka, PragerU, David Harris Jr, Diamond and […]

Guilty By Association: A Lesson in Censorship

Guilty By Association Earlier today, the WalkAway founder announced he received a 30-day suspension.  What is his crime you ask?  He is guilty by association. Confused?  So were we. Brandon’s crime was not violating Facebook’s terms of service.  He didn’t post nudity, violence or make a threat.  No, what he did was far worse.   […]

Facebook Censors Its Employees Too

Facebook Censors its Employees

Facebook Censors Its Employees into the Conservative Closet I’m not shocked to learn Facebook censors its employees. No, what I am shocked to learn is that Facebook actually has conservative employees.  Now that we know, it comes as no surprise that this small group of people fears speaking up. It all started with an NY […]

Social Media Censorship

Social Media Censorship

  In recent months, social media censorship and shadow banning on social media have been hot topics in the conservative/Republican circles. I know there is a lot of banning going on and of course, the ones I see getting banned are conservative but that is because most of my friend’s list is conservative. As a […]

Ready To Take on the Social Media Titans?

For those of you who want the contact information for the Senate Majority Consumer Affairs, here you go:   Senate Majority Consumer Affairs Committee 202-224-1251 512 Dirksen Senate Building Washington, DC 20510 Call between 9am and 4pm EST.   Let your voice be heard and tell Congress that we WILL NOT BE SILENCED!   Proof […]