Conservative MAGA Kitty Hat


MAGA Conservative Kitty Hat (MAGA Pussy Hat)

High-quality, handmade, super liberal triggering unique MAGA Kitty Hat.

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This handmade, Limited Edition Conservative Kitty hat is inspired by the Women’s March hat (yes, we’re trolling Liberals). Look familiar?  It should!

We wore this hat to the #WalkAway March in Washington, DC and made the cover of Breitbart’s coverage of the March.

#WalkAway DC March MAGA Hats

Each hat is crocheted with 100% acrylic yarn and one of a kind.  No sewing, no seams, no fuss.

Every stitch is carefully and intricately placed to create a high-quality and durable hat that will last longer than Hillary Clinton’s desire to be President.

So if you are looking for a unique, limited edition Trump hat, order now!  You’ll be looking stylish while you show your support for America’s best President in modern history!

Included in each hat is a custom embroidered Trump patch with a velcro backing.

Shipping is included in this item and supplies are limited!  Now go out there and trigger some liberals!


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