Once upon a time, Peter Fonda was an actor.

Back in the 60’s and 70’s he was actually quite popular. His career has carried him through the decades with the leading roles and success of his films, declining faster than his moral compass.

That’s right. Peter Henry Fonda is less known for his role in Easy Rider as he is to advocating the kidnap of Barron Trump.

Peter and also his sister Jane Fonda are the quintessential liberal Hollywood Elitists that love lecturing the rest of the country from their Hollywood mansions safely tucked behind armed guards and gates.

Jane is infamously known as “Hanoi Jane” for her controversial trip to North Vietnam during the Vietnam War to speak out against the United States and condemn the military.  Her activism in the 70’s would ultimately lead to two arrests where she would create the famous “resistance mugshot”.

According to Fonda, she was falsely accused of drug possession which would actually lead to a second arrest the following day because she assaulted a police officer.

Of course, this was all AFTER she was an active member of the Black Panthers and formed an organization eloquently name F*ck the Army.  This anti-American rhetoric would eventually get her placed under federal surveillance because, in the 70’s, the government didn’t care about your feelings if they felt like you were a threat to National Security.

Baby Brother, Peter, would eventually follow in his criminal sister’s footsteps.

Granted, he’s opted to keep his antics for much later in his life. Perhaps due to his supporting role gigs becoming less frequent?  (Purely speculation)

Unlike his older sister, Peter has opted for the laziest form of activism one can participate in.  Luckily for us though, the internet never forgets.

For your viewing pleasure (and warning, explicit language):

I’m sure you were already aware the Peter Fonda outright called the for the kidnapping and rape of both Barron Trump and Sarah Sanders’ children.  Oh and the kidnap, assault, and imprisonment of Kristjen Nielsen.

Wonder if Jimmy Kimmel would like to invite Peter Fonda onto his “Mean Tweets” segment so he can broadcast how disgusting of a human being he is to America?

Well, Mr. Fonda is back to openly encourage and advise his fans on how to commit voter fraud in a now-deleted tweet.

LISTEN UP, PEASANTS! Peter Fonda has a solution for anyone worried about the next election:

Worried about your rebellious and free-thinking millennial to cast a ballot that would get them exiled from Thanksgiving Dinner?

Well, those days of anxiety are long gone now since Peter Fonda says you can fill out and cast a ballot for anyone who might not agree with you.

We shouldn’t be surprised though, really.  You can vote Republican your entire life and yet somehow as if by magic, you start voting Democrat before you’re even 6 feet under.


Democrats now have a voting fraud solution for any situation.

Living relative: Intercept their ballot and cast it for them!

Dead relative: Don’t worry, the DNC has you covered.

Legal Residents: Let ILLEGAL residents vote in elections after you offer them free stuff and call anyone who disagrees a racist.

Democrats should never lose another election ever again!  And if they do? Russia.

Good job, Democrats.  You can’t build or create a platform that anyone can actually get behind, so instead, you have to break the law to make sure you keep the government paying for your California mansion next all the other people who advocate for crime and violence.  (Looking at you Maxine Waters)





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