Guess what, New York? Nothing is for free; everything comes at a cost.

First, I want to know why isn’t Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez about creating jobs?

Wasn’t she the one that said, “it’s inevitable to create jobs?” in her Green New Deal?

Hold up for one second; she only wants to create jobs if it partakes in increasing taxes, giving out small wages and deals with restructuring the economy to a socialistic government.

Ever since Jeff Bezos announced his interest in another headquarters for Amazon in New York City, AOC’s progressive movement opposed this possibility aggressively.

So much so, that Jeff Bezos axed any further discussions.  Even Governor Cuomo and Mayor Bill de Blasio suggested it was because of her.

I have a couple of opinions on that.

1) Note to Jeff Bezos; this woman has never owned a business, why are you allowing her to push you around? I would say other things, but I have to keep the article family appropriate, that will be for the youtube channel I come out within the future.

2) This woman is proud that she caused a loss of 25,000 job opportunities in one of the lesser wealthy areas in New York. A city, by the way, that wasn’t even her district.  This business project would have tremendously helped boost that part of the state’s economy considering they are looking at a $2.3B budget deficit.

Let Me Break This Down for You AOC

See this is how economics works: you invest in an area, even to clean it up, more people come to the area, more people spend money in the area.  Then, that city gets more revenue, the economy for that city will increase, and the economy for that state will increase.

And she is proud that she cost Long Island and Queens 40,000 employees a possible job opportunity?

Dear who gave birth to you?

Do they know where you are? Are you lost in life?

(If I was serious about any of those questions, I would be going against my previous article accusing you of being smarter than you look.)

I am displaying how you are a threat to the Nation.

Here you go America, her true colors are coming out. You wanted to vote for her solely on identity politics.

A month in and she is already destroying jobs, in a city that is not that wealthy, and would have helped that city boost its economy.

Bravo, New York, Bravo.

New York elected this woman, and now New York sees the damage she is completely capable of causing.

New York, are you sure you want to remain blue? Personally I feel that the state of New York did a lot better when it was ran by John Gotti.