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College Campus Free Speech

The State of Free Speech on a College Campus

The author’s identity is being withheld to protect his security

Thanks for my guest column on the state of free speech on a college campus. That issue has received a lot of attention in the media recently, so it should be an excellent topic to discuss. If you want to read more of my thoughts (other than this article series), check out my website-

-GenZ Conservative


The GenZ Conservative

First, I think an introduction would be appropriate. I am originally from Atlanta, GA, but I now go to school in Virginia. For my degree, I am currently working towards a double major in politics and accounting. I think that those two subject areas will help set me up for success in life, no matter what career path I pursue. In addition to classes and social activities, I am heavily involved in campus politics.

I think it is every student’s responsibility to make their campus a better place. I have tried to do my best to lobby for conservative causes that matter to me and would be suitable for the university. That political involvement has made me a well-known campus conservative.

People that meet me know that due to my involvement in clubs and campus journalism. Not that that’s a bad thing, it just makes my experience a bit different. It shouldn’t, we should all be able to get along with people outside our political sphere, but it does.

That experience has been super valuable and taught me how to get along with all types of people. I can disagree and debate in a respectful way even when the other side isn’t being civil. More importantly, I’m learning how to stand up for myself in a strong manner.

Hopefully, I can educate others on how to do the same through this column and my website. Navigating a college campus as a conservative can be tough; there are lots of obstacles. But maybe this advice can make it a little less difficult for all of the other Gen Z conservatives!

Is Free Speech Disappearing on College Campuses?

America has traditionally been known as a haven for free speech. Granted, you can’t scream “fire” in a crowded theater and cause a panic, but you can always stand up for your beliefs.

Students, for better or worse, stood up against the government to protest the war in Vietnam. African-Americans marched for Civil Rights. Conservatives advocate for reduced taxes and less gun control. Our system is strengthened by free speech because it brings debates into the public sphere.

Once free people debate a topic, it is hard to hide the truth. Americans have always believed in that and treasured their right to free speech; or at least that used to be the case.

A recent phenomenon is that many liberal students, professors, and administrators refuse to accept the concept of free speech. When liberals encounter an idea that they disagree with, they don’t debate it.

Instead, they shut down all conversation. Students start crying and run off to their safe space. Professors scream that you’re wrong, shut down all communication, and harass you for expressing beliefs different than theirs. Administrators refuse to allow conservative speakers to come to visit.

For a conservative student, that atmosphere and environment can be tough to navigate.

Debate is Dying in America

We should be able to express our ideas openly and freely but we can’t — the radical leftists on campus freak out. So, instead of having thoughtful debates on pro-choice versus pro-life, or low taxes versus an increased welfare state, capitalism versus socialism or any other social or political issue, we are forced to listen to the party line on a wide variety of subjects.

There is little to no thoughtful debate of the important matters currently bedeviling American society. Instead, there is just one line of thought expressed; the opinions of the most radical edges of the Democratic party. On many college campuses, conservative students have no voice.

To me, that is incredibly sad and troubling. It is sad because it goes against everything that America once stood for.

We used to be a country known for supporting freedom of speech. Now, we aren’t.

Disagreement is termed hate speech and shut down completely. How saying that lowering taxes is a good policy idea is “spreading hate speech” is beyond me. But it all seems to make sense to the radical left. And that is why it is so troubling.

It would be one thing if these people didn’t honestly believe in what they’re advocating for. If they were using terms like “hate speech” in a cynical way to stifle their political opponents, it would be bad, but easy to combat. It wouldn’t be in line with past American thinking, but it makes sense in a realpolitik sort of way.

And I’m sure some are using their “sensitivity” and calling opposing arguments “hate speech” to do just that. But, the problem is that most aren’t just being Machiavellian. Instead, they seem to believe their propaganda. And that is impossible to combat. If they do think the way they say talk, all hope may be lost.

I don’t like being a pessimist, but I have trouble seeing how we can recover from a situation where tens of thousands of the intellectual elite believe that opposing views are both evil and off-limits for discussion. If the opinions of the other side are “wrong,” you debate those views and use facts and logic to poke holes in the other side’s argument.

That is the right way to handle disagreements.

Unfortunately, liberal students, professors, and administrators on college campuses can’t seem to do that. They are entirely unable to handle the idea of the other side disagreeing with them, so they just shut down all debate.

They aren’t emotionally mature enough to have discussions, so they prevent those debates from happening in the first place.

It is a very sad state of affairs.

Debating With A Leftist?

What can a conservative college student do to push back on the current shut down of free speech?

Three things. If you master these three ways to push back, we might be able to turn the tide.

First: Always to be prepared for debate.

Don’t seek those debates out but be ready to have them if the other side voices a political opinion that you disagree. Know your facts, keep your emotions tucked away, and debate logically.

Ask questions about the other side’s point of view to both better understand it and poke holes in it. Bring up your opinions, and make sure to use indisputable and well-researched facts to support them.

Know your sources, and make sure those sources are reliable. It is also preferable to have unbiased sources. Fox News and Breitbart won’t change minds. The Wall Street Journal or Politico might.

And be willing to debate thoughtfully for however long it takes. Don’t be the first to give in, even if you know that you are right. They will count that as a victory. Instead, be the one that will debate till the end. They will give in first.

Second: Always remain respectful and keep your emotions under control.

The other side can do neither of those things, so they still look ridiculous. Be the bigger man. Instead of making fun of one of them for calling your ideas “hate speech,” instead thoughtfully explain why it is a mainstream and ethically acceptable opinion.

Doing so may seem ridiculous, but it will help keep the debate respectfully going so that you can change minds. Always remember, the other side has authority figures in their corner. As soon as you start lashing out in the same manner that they do, the debate will be shut down, and you might even be punished.

It is a ridiculous double standard, but it exists. Maybe one day we can overturn it, but for now, we need to deal with it.

Finally, keep your emotions in check.

That relates to always being respectful but is worth saying. You will be much more likely to change minds and effectively get your point across if you don’t get angry.

What the other side will be defending might make your blood boil. As I talked about in my “The Democratic Party has Changed” post, the current Democratic party supports some pretty nasty policies like late-term abortion.

I used to get so angry about those things.

Because I was angry, I couldn’t convince anyone that my point of view was the rational and right one. I looked just as emotional and irrational as the left. Now, I do my best to remain calm. That has been a much better strategy for convincing people.

Stick to it, it works.

I hope you enjoyed this post! It should be helpful for those seeking to understand why and how liberals have shut down free speech and how we can fight back against it. Check-in next week for another update on what it’s like to be a conservative on a college campus! In the meantime, check out my website to better understand my views on topics like these. The link is- Enjoy!


[GUEST POST] America Saved My Family After We Fled Iran. We Must Protect Our Freedom

A Child Living in Fear

How does the child of an immigrant family from Iran feel about this country?

Well here is the story of my family … you decide.

As Armenians, we are all too aware of History and oppression and prejudices. 

Our ancestors were massacred by the Ottomans, and yet to this day, it is denied and not recognized. 

Did we all make a “Promise” to never forget? Yes, we did.  However, the world refuses to remember our losses, our tears.

Now, fast forward to the Bolshevik revolution.  Many Armenians fled into what was at that time Russia. 

They worked hard, had families, acquired homes only to have it all taken away.  How does this happen you ask? 

Imagine you are a young child when your home is suddenly invaded by a number of people with covered faces and weapons. 

Now imagine they storm your house, go upstairs.  You hear screaming, you run to the stairs to see your mother being thrown down by one of those men.

As you are crying and trying to help your mother, those men come down the stairs and declare that everything in the home now belongs to the people.  As a child, you don’t understand, and you scream at them only to be told that you are not sharing your wealth and that you and your family must now give it all up. 

So, you must now start all over. 

You must grow up working at a young age, get married, and work long hours into the night sewing. You are doing what you must to feed your young son and while you dream of leaving. 

Your husband now has left and somehow you manage to save up enough money to take your child and smuggle him out of the country. 

Where to? IRAN.

Life in Iran

This son, my father, now is grown. While he is enlisted in the Shahs military, he meets his future wife. 

Soon, they get married and have a little girl. 

Tensions in Iran, even in the ’50s was high.  The Shah was westernizing the county too fast.  At this time, my grandmother worked at the American embassy and could see the turmoil happening.  The danger escalating.

Two years after I was born, my mother becomes pregnant again.

“I will not have another child born in this country,” she says. 

Desperate and scared, my family flees with nothing but the clothes on their back.

My father, with a 2-year-old child, a pregnant wife, a grandmother from Russia half blind needing surgery and the mother’s sister; they secure passage to a land that they had only dreamed of. This land gave hope of starting fresh where they could finally be FREE.

The Land of the Free

I am now 2 years old, playing on the bridge of this ship when I suddenly see that everyone is screaming, cheering and crying.

I run to my mother and father. 

“Why is everyone so sad,” I asked. 

My father looked at me, picked me up and pointed to this grand statue in the water.  He pointed to it and said, “We are not sad my angel, we are happy.” 

“Why?” I asked. 

“Because we are now truly free, and no one can ever hurt us again.”

Honestly, as a child, I did not understand. 

I did not understand why we had to live with our relatives, why my father was going to school every night and work all day. 

Why did my grandmother, who was old, had to go to night school to learn English? 

I did not understand until 6 years later when my parents came back from a trip they took that day with big smiles on their faces and said,


America The Beautiful

I remember when my great aunt and aunt were here on a visit from Iran in 1974 when they got a call from their neighbor. 

“You have to come back home, or they will take it all”. 

We begged them not to go, my father said he will help them to become citizens, but as Armenians, they should not go back. 
However, they did and what did they go “home” to?

They took their home, they fired them from their jobs, they closed the Armenian schools, they destroyed our churches.

We never saw them again.

On another visit, my father’s cousins came to visit from the USSR. 

I remember taking them to a grocery store, you know, something we do every week and don’t even think about. 

My father and I were halfway down the first aisle when we realized they were not with us. As we went back to the door, I saw them standing there in tears. 

“You can just walk in and get whatever you want?” they asked. 

It was then that I realized what a shock this must have been to them. 

“The shelves are all full, nothing is rationed… is this the way it is all over this country?” 

My father now had tears in his eyes as he put his arm around them and said: “This is what capitalism is, this is how we live and it’s not just food. It is anything you want as long as you can afford it.” 

I did not expect their next words:

“They have lied to us our entire lives!  How can we go back now knowing what we do?” 

They did not go back. My father helped them to become citizens.

There Are Many Like Me

I am not the only one with a story like this one. 

Many have similar stories.

Many have suffered through history. 

And many like us have learned from our own history.  I was a“dreamer” and so were my parents. 

They ensured that I would be able to follow my dreams by coming to a country that some only dream of and others have been blinded to believe is evil.

Do we have problems in this country? Yes. 

Have I agreed with all its policies? No.  There is one thing I will always be grateful for; that my parents made the decision to come to a land like no other on this earth!

How does THIS immigrant child feel about this land?

It is my home, it is my life, and I will die to ensure that it never becomes the land that my ancestors, my parents and I fled.


This week’s guest post was submitted by a Closet on the Right community member.  Her wish is to remain anonymous while helping everyone understand the dangers of history and tyrannical governments.  Her hope is that we use her story as a cautionary tale to protect America at all costs, or fall victim to the oppression that has appeared time and again throughout history.


CoTR Member Gets Doxxed for Being Conservative

Doxxed: A Definition

Getting “Doxxed” is something that started with the Hackivist group Anonymous. It is also something that WikiLeaks started doing as well they started publishing leaked confidential or top secret information.  Once other activist groups noticed this was an effective method of publicly shaming their targets, it became common practice for activists.

And so started the trend of doxxing people you don’t agree with you. (The horror)

Doxxed DefinitionAlright, so let first establish what doxxing is.

That right there says it all.  The act of publishing private information for malicious intent.

Doxxing has become so common; there are many online articles advising you on how to prevent it.

There are even articles detailing how it can quickly ruin your life.  I mean, duh.  Someone publishing your personal information online in an attempt to shame and discredit you is scary stuff!


So imagine my surprise when a CoTR member emailed me to tell me how he was getting doxxed at work!


Thought Police Hard at Work

I’ve noticed an alarming trend with left-leaning organizations and their people:

They feel a societal obligation to to state their opinion even if it’s unrelevant and not even asked for.  They also feel obligated to act as thought police as if to save the rest of society from something they have decided is offensive.

At the Closet on the Right, we actually respect someone’s privacy so we will refer to our member as “G.”

Thought PoliceOn Wednesday, as G arrived at work, his boss notified him he received an anonymous letter.   That’s right; he received a 12-page letter with screenshots of G’s Facebook posts with big, bold notes.

Each screenshot was aggressively labeled with “LIE,” “BIAS” and “FALSE.”

According to the anonymous Thought Police, since G works in a government court setting, he is supposed to remain unbiased.

Oooooook. If G were a Judge or even an attorney, sure, it would probably be wise not to broadcast political opinions.

However, G is merely supporting staff.

His job in no way affects the outcome of cases so any bias or opinions he holds are irrelevant.

The fact that someone took the time to screenshot, print, look up the address and mail in this information is appalling by itself.  Cmon now, seriously?!?!


Liberal Logic

Once again we gain a lot of insight into the mind of liberal.

This person legitimately thinks it’s his/her obligation to not only silence G but to publicly shame him in the process.

As if right out of the liberal handbook:

Disagree with someone? see pg. 5

Page 5.  Identify target.  Commit character assassination and make every attempt to destroy his life.  (It’s their fault for not agreeing with you.  THEY DESERVE IT)

The Left is actively waging war on Free Speech and the exchange of ideas.  Not only do they work together in groups to take down opponents (I’m looking at you Senator Feinstein and Chuck Schumer),  but individually they have tasked themselves with this mission as well.

No matter how reasonable your argument is, no matter how many facts you have, a discussion is not an option. Anyone not agreeing with them is a threat and is considered the enemy.  As a result, the Left can smear and attack anyone based on this logic.

As we can see, they are willing to eliminate free thought by any means necessary.

A Word From G

Dear Anonymous,

I get that you disagree with me. I hold zero animus to you, even if I knew who you are, and I think I do. People will disagree with things, I had a disagreement last week with a friend, she didn’t like the article I shared because of X, I didn’t see X. But that is what happens, no one agrees with everything everyone says unless you’re in a prison/convict setting.


If there is something you want to tell me, please, just tell me. Here, on the FB instant messenger, call, email, or a really crazy thought, block me. You don’t need to read what I’m posting, I won’t be hurt if you’ve hit that unfollow or block button.


Instead the implied threat that, should I not remove the “offending” posts or delete my entire account, since you will be watching, that further letters will be forthcoming. I have a fan……oooohhhhh….. ahem, sorry. Let’s follow through with that.


On a given day I look at FB a few minutes in the morning, scrolling through a bit at maybe 20 posts. I usually then go on to play my games, then to work. During the day I might look at some posts while I have downtime in, well, I do wash my hands afterward. When I get home I go through a few more than that. However, I do not live my life on FB. I see some things that are amusing, maybe a good point here or there, something I think is important to pass along. Usually so much has passed me by on my timeline it’s hard to keep up. I actually wasn’t sure if what I’m posting is even read, so thank you for the encouragement there.


Now, you are not liking some of the material I am forwarding. Therefore you feel the need to send further letters to my work because you are concerned as a citizen that somewhere that’s over 2,200 miles might have a problem with an employee with a bias problem? I’m sure you are concerned with all the courts around the U.S., scouring every FB users’ account looking with equal scrutiny for Anti-Trump or pro-Democrat policies. I would love to see those letters, please do forward them here.


Let’s continue with the line of thought here. I am going to continue to post what I want to post, whether it meets your approval or not is not my concern. Which you’re probably going to object and send further letters to my work, in the hopes of what exactly? To have me fired? It will be an annoyance, but I’ll get another job. However, the at-most-stretching up to an hour I spend on FB will then become all day on FB, sending hundreds or maybe thousands of posts from all sorts of websites.


So I leave it up to you.

Liberalism is a Mental Disorder

Liberalism Is A Mental Disorder

Liberalism is a Mental Disorder

It will only get worse.

The shrill cries that rang out from the left, like a wounded animal, on November 9, 2016, have grown from roar to a thundering hurricane of raging disbelief and angst. Each day those that did NOT #walkaway, gather in small groups to tell each other how awful life is and that the end is nigh.

And then they hop on Facebook to say it again.

They are victims, though not in the way they believe, but in a much crueler sense from which there may be no salvation.

They are not victims of the things they want to be known for, the racism, xenophobia, sexism, financial oppression, but are victims of core liberal life goals. Now, this is not to say that those things don’t exist, as they surely do, as these despicable beliefs exist in the hearts of most liberals.

They think that because everyone they know is a racist (liberals only associate with other liberals) and because when they think of other races from their own, their first instinct is to pity them with their bleeding heart, which is the purest form of racism, that everyone must be a racist.

If they would only hang out with people outside their bubble, they would learn this isn’t true.

I could go on and on giving examples. This is not the point. We need to look deeper.

The Core of Their Disorder

If we understand the disease that is the progressive movement, then perhaps we can stop battling with them about their ridiculousness and maybe understand their self-inflicted pain.

Once we understand, then it will become clear that the kindest, most humane gift we can give the liberal is indifference. The hate that fuels their sickness can’t live in a vacuum. Without the annoying fact-based voices on the right to debate and slander, the will simply not exist.

What is at their core?


The little voice inside the liberal head has been conditioned to only look for the worst possible outcome and to hold lengthy discussions with the consciousness that begin with, “What if…” and end with a feeling of despair.

Like two dozen browsers always open, their minds fuel insecurity. And like a drug, the insecurity becomes an addiction. They loathe making decisions. They want to be told what to think. If a national news story involves two parties, neither of whom are white males, they must wait to find out which side to hate from their shepherds at MSNBC. Only then will the voices in their heads be quiet. Only then will they get their fix.

They like socialism. Not only is it based upon the idea that everyone is equal, it is rooted in a philosophy that in order to make sure everyone truly is equal, a central authority will make all the decisions. But here is the problem:

Liberals have taken the idea that every human should be treated with respect regardless of their race or beliefs and bastardized it to mean that anyone who works hard and succeeds is no better than those who never try.

They believe that the success is only stolen or given, never earned. They look for reasons to reduce achievement to something unworthy of praise. Striving to find the great asterisk to attach to the winners so that they might be brought down to the level of those who just couldn’t be bothered to try.

Their Leaders Feed the Disease

Obama, in a July 13, campaign appearance in Virginia when he was running against Mitt Romney, said, “There are a lot of wealthy, successful Americans who agree with me — because they want to give something back. They know they didn’t — look, if you’ve been successful, you didn’t get there on your own. You didn’t get there on your own. I’m always struck by people who think, well, it must be because I was just so smart. There are a lot of smart people out there. It must be because I worked harder than everybody else. Let me tell you something — there are a whole bunch of hardworking people out there. (Applause.)

“If you were successful, somebody along the line gave you some help. There was a great teacher somewhere in your life. Somebody helped to create this unbelievable American system that we have that allowed you to thrive. Somebody invested in roads and bridges. If you’ve got a business — you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen. The Internet didn’t get invented on its own. Government research created the Internet so that all the companies could make money off the Internet.

They take a simple truth, that nobody lives in a vacuum, and extrapolate from it that those who have risen to the top in their fields of endeavor are no better than those at the bottom. The achievers got lucky.

Why do they do this?

Why do the folks on the left who have clearly been successful through hard work preach against the idea of accomplishment?

Could anyone argue that Hillary Clinton has worked hard her entire life?


What about the other thought leaders on the left?

Again, none of them rose to become leaders by “mailing it in.”

Why then do they cringe at telling the truth?

The Truth

I believe it comes down to two main points.

  • They are preaching to a choir that doesn’t want to hear that reaching goals takes work.
  • They don’t really believe they deserve praise for their accomplishments.

It’s the second point that goes back to the underlying issue that feeds this sickness we call liberalism, the self-doubt and self-loathing.

This progressive disease feeds itself through their constant self-criticism and criticism of others. It makes organism stronger, such that no amount of logic can kill it.

When we understand that the progressives are not the horrible monsters they appear to be, that they are just beaten down souls too weak from a lifetime of self-loathing to fight against the sickness, then we ourselves are freed from the burden of worrying about “fixing” them.

Instead of trying to argue that socialism is terrible and getting nowhere, we should just let the liberal be, secure in the knowledge that they deserve our pity.

These are humans who have been destroyed and beaten down in the most sinister of ways. We should feel sorry for them. We should reach out and hug those who escaped by #WalkingAway.

The individual spirit in the only cure.

Those that can’t be saved will always hate those on the right because we like the accomplishment, hard work, goals, and building better lives. They will hate how we don’t want to be given a free pass. They will rail against those who decide they don’t want a handout but would rather find their own way.

And they will then lament, “If everyone would just vote based upon their own self-interest, we would never lose another election.”

Which is code for, “Vote to let the government run your lives, it’s easier.”

But that’s not what conservatives want. We don’t want to be handed a participation trophy. We want to earn it.

And THAT is the most unforgivable sin the left can imagine.

Because, those who earn it, are NOT the same as everyone else.

They are better.

They are Republicans.


Trans Trump Supporter

Violent Liberal Feminist to Trans Trump Supporter

Journey from Violent Liberal Feminist to Trans Trump Supporter

I met a man the other day.

He told me his story which I could only describe as an anomaly wrapped in an oxymoron and topped off as a conundrum. At least by stereotypical standards that are widely accepted by the masses.

Before the end of this story, I expect people on both the right and the left sides of the spectrum to scratch their heads in wonder.

This is the story of a woman; a strong-minded, passionate and intelligent woman who fought hard against the injustices she perceived in the world around her.

This is also the story of a man; an educated, compassionate and analytical man who seeks to understand this world through honest, respectful conversation.

Now, before we start this story; I need to disclose that this person must stay anonymous for safety reasons.

Many on the right will celebrate this story as evidence that conservatives are a loving, tolerant, accepting group who welcome this person with open arms.

Those on the left will probably lash out, reject, vilify and potentially seek to cause harm to this person’s job, family or well-being.

At the Closet on the Right, we know all too well how some are treated when their opinions do not align with the liberal ideology. Therefore, we will refer to our friend as Juanita/Juan.

Early Life

The story of Juanita begins in Texas. Her family is a traditional Christian family that wasn’t political in nature. Although it wasn’t something they talked about or often discussed, when they voted; they voted Democrat.

Being that Juanita was a lesbian, it made sense that she stayed a Democrat much of her life.

By the time Juanita was a teenager, she was running with a bad group of kids. They would steal, commit vandalism and generally cause trouble. As a hobby, they would participate in activism to fight the patriarchy and other injustices.

She marched proudly side by side her fellow feminist activists. They were passionate about their cause and would use anger and violence to make a statement if necessary.

Her girlfriends were also her partners in activism that helped stoke the fires of the militant feminist groups they were involved in.

This path would ultimately lead her to a dark place where she was faced with two options:

  • End up in prison
  • Join the military

The decision to join the Air Force probably saved her life and helped her find a place to call home. Even for a short while. Four years to be exact. She served her time, kept her nose clean and completed her tasks.

Return To The Frontlines

Once her time was up though, she returned to old habits.

She was what you would call a “granola lesbian”, vegan, androgynous, angry and opinionated.

When she wasn’t working as a vegan chef; she was out disrupting traffic, starting fights and accusing strangers of whatever transgression she thought was fitting.

Their goal was to create change through belligerence and disruption. The louder the better with a motto of,


As she grew older, chaos and anarchy became less appealing, so she decided to enroll in college. This would be a pivotal moment in her life. In college, she discovered her love of learning and discussion.

College was also a time of “cognitive dissonance”. People did not fit the stereotypes she held so tight to. For example, she met a Republican Asian Lesbian.

School quickly monopolized her time and activism fell to the wayside. She joined the student government and was heavily involved in student activities. The effect was profound. People from all walks of life were coming together and cooperating despite opposing views.

Gone were the days when she thought being angry and belligerent would change peoples’ mind.

A Change of Direction

The classes she took were focused on counseling, conflict resolution, and psychology. Her view of the world was shifting and changing.

Bill Clinton was in the White House and his presidency added another shift in alliances for this loyal Democratic voter. “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” and “Three Strikes, You’re Out” were both policies that deeply infuriated Juanita. These policies directly targeted her community and were another catalyst for change.

One thing had not changed though. Society’s treatment of the LGBT community was still very negative. Juanita often faced public mockery of her androgyny.

Using the female bathrooms in public was often uncomfortable because other women thought she was in the wrong bathroom. A common question she faced from young children was, “Are you a girl or a boy”. Some even resorted to a physical confrontation that would often end in violence.

After years of harassment, Juanita came out as trans. Her transition from Juanita to Juan would bring more unexpected revelations. The testosterone had a calming effect and helped the anger from years of activism fade away.

He no longer had problems with bathrooms or being harassed in public.

He did have problems in other ways he hadn’t expected. Smiling at strangers, striking up conversations and other niceties he’d taken for granted, were long gone.

Now, if he smiles at a woman on the street, he’s perceived as a “creep”. In the words Juan,

“I sacrificed the female privileges I never even knew I had”.

Strangers began assuming him as a male. Women and feminists, in particular, would treat him the same way they treat all males, like an evil “misogynist”. Now he was a part of the patriarchy. He had become the enemy in the eyes of the people he was once locked arm and arm with.

The Big Shift

By now he’d earned his master’s degree and was working in a fulfilling career. His political views were more secular, and he decided how he felt based on the issue.

He was no longer loyal to one party and one party only.

That was until Donald J. Trump came down that escalator. No longer indoctrinated with the ideology of his former activists, Juan saw this wildcard and loved what he had to say.

Hillary Clinton’s history of sexist and racial remarks dating back to her time as First Lady meant Juan was not giving his vote to her. He hadn’t forgotten what her husband had done in office either.

Obviously, being a member of the trans community and voting for Donald Trump was not something he could admit. But since he was no longer a hostage to the liberal echo chamber, Juan used his professional training and analytical mind to form his own opinion.

Now more than ever, he craves respectful and intelligent discussion with his peers. Unfortunately, the fear of the “Liberal Mob” is a legitimate fear that many conservatives live with.

So for now, our friend “Juan” lives inside the Conservative Closet. He’s quietly supporting President Trump behind a veil of anonymity.

His story may be unexpected, but it’s not uncommon. Stories from people like Juan are becoming more frequent.

People are smashing the stereotypes and throwing away the rules of engagement to unite under our flag once again. We’re not gay, straight, black, or white. We’re Americans, and we’re tired of being told how to vote because of what we look like or who we love.

Our values are the same. Our dreams and hopes for our future are still the same. So next time you meet someone who is expected to be a Democrat, keep an open mind. They may surprise you, and give you a little smile for your MAGA hat.


We Know Where Our Outrage is Liberals, Where is Yours?

A Thief Thinks Everyone Steals

It’s been a great week for those on the left. They live each day hating the current administration. The number of people close to President Trump who have been caught cheating or lying is staggering.

Mr. Cohen admitted to NOT paying taxes on more than $4 million in income.

I could go on, but we all know who’s been caught and for what, that’s not what I want to talk about.

The crowing from the left has been staggering. They cry,

“Where’s the outrage from the right?”

The answer is, “Right here.”

I’m a conservative. I vote Republican. I don’t like liars and cheats.

If people that are close to President Trump committed crimes and are convicted (or plead guilty) then they should go to prison.

Let them rot.

Does that mean I’m a bad Republican for believing in honesty?


I’m thrilled with the progress being made on Nafta. It seems the tariffs have indeed pushed China into a bad spot. It should be noted, I did NOT agree with the tariffs. I’m PRO free-trade. But, I’m also willing to admit when I’m wrong.

The thing that has me riled up is the belief from the left that those on the right are NOT disgusted with the folks close to Trump who have been caught.

They think that because WE are NOT posting our OUTRAGE on FB that we aren’t disappointed in these individuals. We are. We expect better of those on the right.

The reason I’m not posting my disgust is the same reason I’m not posting my happiness at the state of the economy.

The Liberal Hate Machine Keeps Me in the Closet on the Right

Do you know what else disgusts me?

Hillary deleted 22,000 emails from her personal server after it was subpoenaed. I’m not a legal expert, I don’t have a law degree like Ms. Clinton, but I don’t think THAT is legal.

I could list all the Bill and Hillary crimes, but that’s not the point.

The point is that THE LEFT wonders where all the outrage is because they assume there isn’t any. They remember the excuses and lies they told themselves to justify loving President Clinton when he abused women or lied to Congress.

There was no problem with letting people die in Benghazi because getting a second term for President Obama was more important.

Furthermore, Liberals can’t imagine NOT being hypocrites. It’s “all is fair in love and war” that is their mantra.

A Liberal Thinks Everyone Steals

So, they dance and sing because their hated rivals have had a few criminals in their ranks (it is the exception and NOT the rule). Then they will go back to ignoring Elizabeth Warren’s cultural appropriation of Cherokee Nation to further her academic career at Harvard Law.

They will never understand that we on the right are NOT hypocrites as a rule. We don’t like cheating.

If the day comes that President Trump is convicted of a crime, then I’ll stop supporting him. I’ll support the new flag bearer of the Republican party. I’ll hope that they continue to move the ball forward. To clean up the mess that President Obama left behind.

I expect better of Republicans.

I hope you do, too.


Week 2: Crossing the Divide

Crossing the Divide

Crossing the Divide

I have one question.

But let’s not talk about it right now, the question isn’t what’s important. It’s how I ask the question that matters.

Imagine a scenario…

A middle-aged low-level software engineer, who grew up in Spokane, Washington, enjoys Dungeons and Dragons, comic books, and telling anyone who will listen that he’sgluten-free, has just brought up his favorite social media platform.

He wishes to engage in some reasonable debate.

No, seriously, he woke up this morning and after getting a double Chi-latte from the corner coffee store/rent free satellite office of the bike riding entrepreneur set, Mr. Birken McBirkenstock decided he truly wanted to learn how the crazy people think.

The malaise that drifted over the greater northeast and hung like a fog of sorrow since the election was getting to him. He needed answers.

He began to think about the question he wanted to ask.

Across the country, in a small midwestern town with a population less than the average attendance of the Florida Marlins, a woman sits with her cup of coffee…black. There will be silence for less than two more minutes. She thinks about the world during the quiet.

Her normal routine is to get up, feed and clothe the kids, correct the husband’s wardrobe blunders, and get everyone out the door, so she can get ready to go down to her ten-person advertising agency that boasts customers all up and down the Fortune 1,000 list.

She will work, often without lunch, at a breakneck speed, so she can get home to manage the ever-present chaos that comes with keeping a family alive. Her success is easily explained as being the result of Russian bots.

On this day, over a Jimmy John’s sandwich delivered freakishly fast, she will decide to take a six-minute break to log onto her personal social media account and possibly enjoy pictures of baby elephants.

Back in the great northwest, fingers hovering over a keyboard. The intention is pure. He really wants to start a dialog.

He writes, “I just want to ask, and I’m truly interested in understanding, for those of you who support the orange haired, racist, misogynistic, monster who stole the election with the help of his overlord, Mr. Putin, what is it you like about him?”

His inner voice swells with pride as he realizes how enlightened he is for opening a dialog with the ignorant masses. He wonders if he should one day turn to journalism and try to win a Pulitzer.

After opening the bag of chips that came with her sandwich, she “likes” a picture of a baby elephant who is running in front of his parents and his ears have flapped out to the side to make it look like he’s flying.

She scrolls down.

She reads a post from someone on her friend list.

Her head shakes and she mutters to herself, typical. She doesn’t respond. She just moves on. There will be no discussion today.

Words Matter

Are you really interested in starting a dialog or do you just want an excuse to talk about your position to compensate for your own self-doubt, anger, and frustration?

If you are passionate about the right to life movement, do you try to engage the opposing side by bringing up your reasons for how you feel and genuinely requesting opposing views…or do you call them murdering Nazis with questionable grooming habits?

The words matter because no matter where you reside on the political spectrum, you CAN choose to phrase your opening question in a way that is inviting.

Instead of “Murdering Nazis” why not write “Pro-Choice”?

The people you wish to engage in this debate will NOT self-identify as a baby slaughtering Nazi, they will view themselves as a warrior for women’s productive rights.

But Mr./Ms. Voice, If I type the words “Pro-choice” once, won’t that mean that the devil has taken over my soul and I’ll be doomed to spend eternity in hell and during my remaining days, likely gain 20-30 pounds and get more facial hair?

This is a common misconception and the answer is no.

Passion is good

There is nothing wrong with believing mightily in your cause. Fighting for what you believe in, whether it’s Roe v. Wade, Global Warming, or the inevitable mass extension that will be brought on by single-use plastic, is how things get changed.

We used to litter a lot.

Now we don’t nearly so much.

That’s a good thing.

Change is possible, and I encourage people to fight for what they want. But think about the battle plans, please.

If your goal is to see the world become a better place through the implementation of your ideas, you need to understand that there are two paths.

On one, let’s call it the fun path, you belittle and mock the other side with escalating vitriol until one day well into the future the change possibly happens…or it doesn’t.

On the other route, let’s call it the path less traveled, you seek to find flaws in your idea. You seek out alternate perspectives because you truly believe that if everyone is better educated on the issue (including yourself), that it will lead to an improved solution.

So, her is my question…

Can you start a discussion with your target audience’s feelings and beliefs in mind?

You just might change the world if you can.

(Note: This doesn’t apply to discussions involving YOUR NFL team’s rival. There is no place for civility in football talk.)

The Voice Behind The Door: Introduction

The fear is crippling.

My mind races with ideas.

I want to share…but I can’t.

This life is wonderful. Each day I sell. And from my products, I make a good living. A better living than I’ve ever made before. It’s nice to have a diet that isn’t forty percent Ramen noodles. I just bought a couch and it arrives tomorrow. A new couch that didn’t fill me with stress about whether I could afford it.

There will be long football Saturdays spent on the couch as watch my teams and achieve a happiness that can only be known when the leaves start to turn.

Outside, though, a tempest has been raging for some time.

It has engulfed the world.

Many have chosen sides. The slings and arrows of vitriol bring down people every day. I’ve watched them fall from both sides of the aisle.

Anti Republican Lies

And I cower.

In my closet.

It’s lonely in here. It’s dark. I’m afraid.

What sort of person lets other people fight the battle? Cowardice weighs heavy on my heart, but still, the risk is real. I depend upon the sales of my products. If I came out and declared who I was, what I believed in, and tried to have a conversation about the solutions I feel are best for the country, there would be retribution.

It is easy to leave a one-star review.


My products, which I’ve poured years into developing and marketing, are like my children. I adore them. To watch each fall at the hands of angry bitter leftist rebels scares me to death.

And they would fall.

A tweet.

A post.

A call-to-arms, “Get him, he is a REPUBLICAN, he must die. Cut off his lifeline. Destroy his means of living. Bury him,” would surely come.

I hide.

I need an outlet, though.  A place for my ideas to flow freely.  I know that it would be more than just a form of therapy for me, but my hope is that it will reach others who feel the same.

Perhaps someday we can all gather the courage to come out of this Conservative Closet together.  Perhaps, someday I won’t have to.

Each day I read the testimonials. With every story, a tiny seed of hope is planted. The heroic stands taken by so many lifts me up. I can see where the movement is going. I’m filled with joy…and maybe a little less fear.

And to the brave souls who are fighting, Lynzee, Brandon, and all the others, this is my contribution.

I dedicate this forum to helping those on both sides understand the fear that many of us live with day in and day out.  I dedicate this forum to regaining my voice.  I dedicate this forum to giving you back yours.


I am The Voice Behind the Door.