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Is Kanye Back In the Race?

Is Kanye back in the race? This ABC News report says yes. According to the media outlet, Kanye is heading to South Carolina for his first campaign event today at 5 pm. The event which is only open to “registered guests” will be the first stop on Ye’s already bizarre election bid. Despite widely circulated […]

Radicals Breed Radicals

I know what you’re thinking as soon as you read this headline. You click on it, and in your mind, the Nicolas Cage meme pops up, and you go, “You don’t say!” Of course, radicals create more radicals, Lynzee. That’s kind of the point. Obviously, the members of radical organizations like Antifa and the more […]

LGBT: The Monster They Fight to Destroy

One of the things I admire most about the LGBT community is their ability to stay in a fight. They don’t back down, and for decades, many in this community carried the struggle of us all on their shoulders. A struggle, that until recent generations were very real. At one time in this country, our […]

The Pandemic Precedent

Throughout human history, humanity regularly experiences new diseases. Each one is addressed accordingly, depending on the severity of the disease. Recently, the global Covid-19 pandemic brought the entire planet to its knees. While the debate over whether or not this reaction is justified, leaders around the world are seeing a new opportunity emerging: The Pandemic […]

#MeToo Dies In Broad Daylight

We’ve all seen the sea of pink pussy hats moving angrily down the roads of Washington. We all know the names of the women who scream the loudest from the tops of their Twitter empire. We’ve seen the destroyed careers, the public shaming, and the trending hashtags. But now, now we get to see something […]

Democrats’ Abusive Relationship With Their Base (And Everyone Else)

Democrats Abusive Relationship

If you look at the history of the Democrat party over time in  America, it seems not much has changed.  They still favor a big central government.  They always propose social programs like welfare and food stamps as a way to combat social/economic inequalities. The Democrats, of course, are the playground monitor making sure the […]

The Dangerous Reality Behind AOC

I think we’ve all figured out that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez isn’t joining MENSA anytime soon, but she is a rising star in the Democratic Party for some reason. Since November, I often wonder about this “girl from the Bronx” who came out of nowhere. Firstly, who voted for this person? Where did she even come from?  How […]

[Guest Post]Dear Liberals, I Told You So

Donald Trump No Russian Collusion

Finally, the first of three investigations into President Donald J. Trump and his administration alleging Russian collusion has come to an end. Their findings were clear and concise: NO EVIDENCE OF RUSSIAN COLLUSION! I’ve been saying this all along but, not because anyone told me so, not because people around me believed there was no […]

Socialism Will Rise Again With This Generation

Time Heals All Wounds What’s done, can never be undone. The pain, the scars and the shadows of failed socialist systems can never be completely undone. Unfortunately, they can be forgotten. The history books are happy to remind us if we are willing to read them.  Story after story of starvation, poverty, and death.  How […]

Do Republicans Really Hate Gay People?

Recently, an article by author Chad Felix Green appeared in The Federalist. The article, titled The Stigma Against My Conservative Politics Is Worse Than The Stigma Of Being Gay is a point of view editorial by the author on his life, politics, and the backlash he’s faced since “coming out” as a conservative.  The response wasn’t great. […]