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I Proved The Democrats are the Party of Slavery [Video]

Democrats are the Party of Slavery

I Proved the Democrats are the Party of Slavery by Visiting my Local Library It’s really amazing what you can find in actual books if you are willing to invest the time.  In this video, I visit my local public library to prove that Democrats are the Party of Slavery. My mission was successful and […]

Social Media Censorship

Social Media Censorship

  In recent months, social media censorship and shadow banning on social media have been hot topics in the conservative/Republican circles. I know there is a lot of banning going on and of course, the ones I see getting banned are conservative but that is because most of my friend’s list is conservative. As a […]

Ready To Take on the Social Media Titans?

For those of you who want the contact information for the Senate Majority Consumer Affairs, here you go:   Senate Majority Consumer Affairs Committee 202-224-1251 512 Dirksen Senate Building Washington, DC 20510 Call between 9am and 4pm EST.   Let your voice be heard and tell Congress that we WILL NOT BE SILENCED!   Proof […]

NFL Kneeling: Activism for the Lazy

Here’s the thing about NFL kneeling. I grew up in Colorado and was a die-hard Broncos fan. I BLED BLUE AND ORANGE. Sundays were my Do Not Disturb, I’m watching football day. We were the sworn enemy of the Oakland Raiders and wore our NFL gear with pride. When this whole NFL kneeling controversy started […]

Socialism: A Lesson in Failure

Socialism, where the Starbucks flows freely, everyone gets a trophy, a house and probably a puppy? Maybe that’s just my version of a socialist utopia which all sounds amazing until you actually implement it. Unfortunately, many college kids are being indoctrinated on a daily basis that socialism as some sort of modern original thought because obviously […]