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Coping With Kavanaugh, AKA What Happens Next?


After a heated debate, it looks as though Brett Kavanaugh will be confirmed to the Supreme Court this weekend with a vote of 51-49 or possibly 50-50. If the latter is the case, Vice President Mike Pence will cast the tie-breaking vote. Should that come to pass, it’s not exactly a secret what the VP […]

CoTR Member Gets Doxxed for Being Conservative


Doxxed: A Definition Getting “Doxxed” is something that started with the Hackivist group Anonymous. It is also something that WikiLeaks started doing as well they started publishing leaked confidential or top secret information.  Once other activist groups noticed this was an effective method of publicly shaming their targets, it became common practice for activists. And so started […]

The Left Can only Force the “Progress” They Want

Democratic Coercion

The Left vs. The Right At one point in my life, I had no idea what the difference between Republicans and Democrats was. Generally, I felt strongly about specific issues, but I didn’t necessarily assign them to a “party.” Like many young adults, I allowed emotion to drive my opinions about many topics. First of […]

Facebook Censorship: Playing with $2B of Fire

Facebook Censorship Gamble

Facebook Censorship Is Getting Worse You’re playing with fire, Facebook.  The censorship of Conservative voices is becoming more obvious every day.  You have yet to ban a left-leaning or liberal person by “mistake”.  Or at least I haven’t heard of one.   So far, it has happened to Brandon Straka, PragerU, David Harris Jr, Diamond and […]

Guilty By Association: A Lesson in Censorship

Guilty By Association Earlier today, the WalkAway founder announced he received a 30-day suspension.  What is his crime you ask?  He is guilty by association. Confused?  So were we. Brandon’s crime was not violating Facebook’s terms of service.  He didn’t post nudity, violence or make a threat.  No, what he did was far worse.   […]

Social Justice Warriors: Their Own Worst Enemy

Social Justice Warriors: The Birth Obama was responsible for resurrecting a dying issue of race relations in this country.  Prior to his 2007 Presidential campaign, no accused anyone else of being a racist.  Well, not unless you ACTUALLY said the N-word or something awful like that.  With the election of one Barack Hussein Obama, a […]

Nike Meme Compilation

Mike Tyson Nike Meme

Nike Commits PR Suicide On Monday, Nike announced that Colin Kaepernick would be the new face of their “Just Do It” campaign.  The now infamous Nike Meme states, Believe in something, even if it means sacrificing everything. Ugh.  Ok, I can’t even with that statement. This obviously set the internet on fire and reignited the […]

Facebook Censors Its Employees Too

Facebook Censors its Employees

Facebook Censors Its Employees into the Conservative Closet I’m not shocked to learn Facebook censors its employees. No, what I am shocked to learn is that Facebook actually has conservative employees.  Now that we know, it comes as no surprise that this small group of people fears speaking up. It all started with an NY […]

The Difference Between Conservative Blacks and Liberal Blacks

Conservative Blacks

The Difference Between Conservative Blacks and Liberal Blacks I was raised in a Democrat household during the turbulent 60s and 70s. As a youngster, I knew nothing of political parties. However, my parents managed to instill conservative principles within me that, as I grew older, eventually caused me to rethink my affiliation with the Democrat […]