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The Dangerous Revisionist History of John Brennan

As John Brennan has emerged as a #resistance leader in the intelligence community, naturally there is outrage regarding President Trump’s recent decision to revoke his security clearance. The outrage, of course, requires a fair amount of shaking one’s head like an Etch-A-Sketch to forget John Brennan’s past sins.

NFL Kneeling: Activism for the Lazy

Here’s the thing about NFL kneeling. I grew up in Colorado and was a die-hard Broncos fan. I BLED BLUE AND ORANGE. Sundays were my Do Not Disturb, I’m watching football day. We were the sworn enemy of the Oakland Raiders and wore our NFL gear with pride. When this whole NFL kneeling controversy started […]

Pedophiles in the LGBT: Access Denied

NO.  Pedophiles are NOT welcome in the LGBT Community.  Article over. Just kidding. I actually have a lot to say about this because I have ZERO TOLERANCE for two kinds of people, those who hurt children and animals. So if you’re here looking for an ally or support, leave now because this isn’t going to […]

Will the Real Democratic Party, Please Stand Up?

Will the real democratic party, please stand up? We know you are out there, supporting your cause.  Your voices have become lost in the sea of hysteria and we desperately need you to come forward. America’s two-party system relies on having two STRONG, reliable and, sane parties to represent it’s citizens equally.  Each side of the […]

Guest Post: I Just Need to Get This Off My Chest

I need to get this off my chest… …I fear what lies ahead. In all honesty, I’m desperately hoping I’m not the only person who is afraid.  I need validation for the sense of despair I have for the future of America.  The unfounded hysteria spewing forth from the left is worrisome. When I hear […]

#WalkAway: Restoring Our Natural Balance

  A Shift Is Occurring Thanks to #WalkAway   In every aspect of nature, there exists a balance. Plants and animals all have an opposing force that prevents their numbers from growing so large that they end up destroying their own ecosystems.  Can you imagine if there were no lions to hunt zebra and other […]