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Facebook Censorship: Playing with $2B of Fire

Facebook Censorship Gamble

Facebook Censorship Is Getting Worse You’re playing with fire, Facebook.  The censorship of Conservative voices is becoming more obvious every day.  You have yet to ban a left-leaning or liberal person by “mistake”.  Or at least I haven’t heard of one.   So far, it has happened to Brandon Straka, PragerU, David Harris Jr, Diamond and […]

Guilty By Association: A Lesson in Censorship

Guilty By Association Earlier today, the WalkAway founder announced he received a 30-day suspension.  What is his crime you ask?  He is guilty by association. Confused?  So were we. Brandon’s crime was not violating Facebook’s terms of service.  He didn’t post nudity, violence or make a threat.  No, what he did was far worse.   […]

Social Justice Warriors: Their Own Worst Enemy

Social Justice Warriors: The Birth Obama was responsible for resurrecting a dying issue of race relations in this country.  Prior to his 2007 Presidential campaign, no accused anyone else of being a racist.  Well, not unless you ACTUALLY said the N-word or something awful like that.  With the election of one Barack Hussein Obama, a […]

Facebook Censors Its Employees Too

Facebook Censors its Employees

Facebook Censors Its Employees into the Conservative Closet I’m not shocked to learn Facebook censors its employees. No, what I am shocked to learn is that Facebook actually has conservative employees.  Now that we know, it comes as no surprise that this small group of people fears speaking up. It all started with an NY […]

Why The Unmasking Antifa Act Is A Really Bad Idea

the unmasking antifa act

A new bill dubbed the “Unmasking Antifa Act of 2018” aims to punish the far left activists. Those on the right who are cheering its introduction might want to pump the brakes. The Unmasking Antifa act is a slippery slope waiting to happen.

Why The 3D Printed Gun Controversy Really Isn’t One

3D printed guns

Cody Wilson, The founder of Defense Distributed, has found himself in hot water yet again. After he determined a court order only prevented him from distributing blueprints for 3D printed guns for free, he’s found a loophole. He’s selling them.

The Choir Doesn’t Sing Here Anymore: Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, and American Politics in 2018

American politics in 2018

As bombshell reports and convictions monopolize the news, America is learning that Donald Trump isn’t all that great of a guy. Here’s why it won’t really matter and why American politics in 2018 is where it is.

Mollie Tibbetts: Would She Approve of Politicizing Her Death?

Mollie Tibbetts

On Tuesday, August 21st, 2018, Mollie Tibbett’s missing person case ended in the worst possible way.  Her father, Rob Tibbetts confirmed that the body of the young woman found in Iowa was in fact, Mollie. Her alleged killer, Christian Behana Rivera, was in this country illegally.  His employer, Yarrabee Farms confirmed today that they did complete […]

The Dangerous Revisionist History of John Brennan

As John Brennan has emerged as a #resistance leader in the intelligence community, naturally there is outrage regarding President Trump’s recent decision to revoke his security clearance. The outrage, of course, requires a fair amount of shaking one’s head like an Etch-A-Sketch to forget John Brennan’s past sins.

Pedophiles in the LGBT: Access Denied

NO.  Pedophiles are NOT welcome in the LGBT Community.  Article over. Just kidding. I actually have a lot to say about this because I have ZERO TOLERANCE for two kinds of people, those who hurt children and animals. So if you’re here looking for an ally or support, leave now because this isn’t going to […]