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An Open Letter to Republicans Welcoming Those Who #WalkAway

Let me begin with, this movement isn’t about us.  Like you, I’m excited, and more optimistic by this than I’ve been in over a decade.  Our position in this is to do four things: Welcome those who are newly coming to the Truth Demonstrate by our actions the Truth Protect those leaving the abuse of […]

Guest Post: I Just Need to Get This Off My Chest

I need to get this off my chest… …I fear what lies ahead. In all honesty, I’m desperately hoping I’m not the only person who is afraid.  I need validation for the sense of despair I have for the future of America.  The unfounded hysteria spewing forth from the left is worrisome. When I hear […]

Another Powerful #WalkAway Testimonial As The Campaign Continues To Pick Up Steam

With every passing day, the #WalkAway Campaign grows stronger. Last Saturday was no exception when a striking young woman named Lynzee Domanico posted a powerful #WalkAway testimonial chronicling her battle with being a “Closeted” conservative in the gay community. Lynzee begins by talking about her struggles growing up in a small conservative mountain town raised […]