Week 2: Crossing the Divide

Crossing the Divide

Crossing the Divide

I have one question.

But let’s not talk about it right now, the question isn’t what’s important. It’s how I ask the question that matters.

Imagine a scenario…

A middle-aged low-level software engineer, who grew up in Spokane, Washington, enjoys Dungeons and Dragons, comic books, and telling anyone who will listen that he’sgluten-free, has just brought up his favorite social media platform.

He wishes to engage in some reasonable debate.

No, seriously, he woke up this morning and after getting a double Chi-latte from the corner coffee store/rent free satellite office of the bike riding entrepreneur set, Mr. Birken McBirkenstock decided he truly wanted to learn how the crazy people think.

The malaise that drifted over the greater northeast and hung like a fog of sorrow since the election was getting to him. He needed answers.

He began to think about the question he wanted to ask.

Across the country, in a small midwestern town with a population less than the average attendance of the Florida Marlins, a woman sits with her cup of coffee…black. There will be silence for less than two more minutes. She thinks about the world during the quiet.

Her normal routine is to get up, feed and clothe the kids, correct the husband’s wardrobe blunders, and get everyone out the door, so she can get ready to go down to her ten-person advertising agency that boasts customers all up and down the Fortune 1,000 list.

She will work, often without lunch, at a breakneck speed, so she can get home to manage the ever-present chaos that comes with keeping a family alive. Her success is easily explained as being the result of Russian bots.

On this day, over a Jimmy John’s sandwich delivered freakishly fast, she will decide to take a six-minute break to log onto her personal social media account and possibly enjoy pictures of baby elephants.

Back in the great northwest, fingers hovering over a keyboard. The intention is pure. He really wants to start a dialog.

He writes, “I just want to ask, and I’m truly interested in understanding, for those of you who support the orange haired, racist, misogynistic, monster who stole the election with the help of his overlord, Mr. Putin, what is it you like about him?”

His inner voice swells with pride as he realizes how enlightened he is for opening a dialog with the ignorant masses. He wonders if he should one day turn to journalism and try to win a Pulitzer.

After opening the bag of chips that came with her sandwich, she “likes” a picture of a baby elephant who is running in front of his parents and his ears have flapped out to the side to make it look like he’s flying.

She scrolls down.

She reads a post from someone on her friend list.

Her head shakes and she mutters to herself, typical. She doesn’t respond. She just moves on. There will be no discussion today.

Words Matter

Are you really interested in starting a dialog or do you just want an excuse to talk about your position to compensate for your own self-doubt, anger, and frustration?

If you are passionate about the right to life movement, do you try to engage the opposing side by bringing up your reasons for how you feel and genuinely requesting opposing views…or do you call them murdering Nazis with questionable grooming habits?

The words matter because no matter where you reside on the political spectrum, you CAN choose to phrase your opening question in a way that is inviting.

Instead of “Murdering Nazis” why not write “Pro-Choice”?

The people you wish to engage in this debate will NOT self-identify as a baby slaughtering Nazi, they will view themselves as a warrior for women’s productive rights.

But Mr./Ms. Voice, If I type the words “Pro-choice” once, won’t that mean that the devil has taken over my soul and I’ll be doomed to spend eternity in hell and during my remaining days, likely gain 20-30 pounds and get more facial hair?

This is a common misconception and the answer is no.

Passion is good

There is nothing wrong with believing mightily in your cause. Fighting for what you believe in, whether it’s Roe v. Wade, Global Warming, or the inevitable mass extension that will be brought on by single-use plastic, is how things get changed.

We used to litter a lot.

Now we don’t nearly so much.

That’s a good thing.

Change is possible, and I encourage people to fight for what they want. But think about the battle plans, please.

If your goal is to see the world become a better place through the implementation of your ideas, you need to understand that there are two paths.

On one, let’s call it the fun path, you belittle and mock the other side with escalating vitriol until one day well into the future the change possibly happens…or it doesn’t.

On the other route, let’s call it the path less traveled, you seek to find flaws in your idea. You seek out alternate perspectives because you truly believe that if everyone is better educated on the issue (including yourself), that it will lead to an improved solution.

So, her is my question…

Can you start a discussion with your target audience’s feelings and beliefs in mind?

You just might change the world if you can.

(Note: This doesn’t apply to discussions involving YOUR NFL team’s rival. There is no place for civility in football talk.)

Life Hack: Using The Straw Ban to Make Your Community Safer

Ahhhh California.

Known for its world-class beaches, famous movie stars and rolling hills of mansions.

People have flocked there for decades to pursue their dream of fame and fortune.

Notoriously left-leaning, California grows and harvests Social Justice Warriors faster than the avocados that are spread across a millennial’s brunch toast.

It’s the land of wealth, fortune, political correctness, and perfect selfie backdrops for celebrities Instagramming their latest rant.  It’s so popular amongst the masses that the richest of rich all the way down to the poorest of poor settle down in the Golden State.

It’s true.

It’s a land of opportunity where you can pursue your dreams of stardom, or openly shoot up drugs and defecate in public places.  California is a state where they take crime seriously and work hard every day to make their communities safer.

Case In Point: The New California Ban on Straws

Yep.  California now bans and threatens jail time for anyone possessing or distributing plastic straws.

Yes, you read that correctly.  Please hold your questions to the end. And no we don’t offer public restrooms here.  You have to use the sidewalk.  Not Joking.


San Franciso Crime Rate Statistics


So wait, if the PC police are in hunt of dangerous straw purveyors, then what do the regular citizens do when they’re being attacked by someone with a gun or knife.  (This is purely hypothetical.  No one in California owns a gun because it’s against the law.  And no one in California breaks the laws.  Especially when it comes to guns.)

Fear no more, California residents!!

The Closet on the Right presents to you:

Life Hack: How to Use Straws to Make You Community Safer

It’s very simple.  The next time someone is trying to assault you, rob you or rape you; call 911 and tell the operator you are being offered a plastic straw.  IN BULK.

Your assailant is a capitalistic, right-leaning, climate-change denier who is forcing their non-recyclable atrocity on you.  They didn’t call you by your chosen pronoun when they began assaulting you with this straw.  They didn’t even ASK you what you preferred pronoun was.

Before you can hang up your iPhone, and tweet your situation, the SWAT team will be there.  Your life will be saved.

Social Justice will be served.

You can wake up in the morning and enjoy your avocado toast at brunch without fearing for your safety.

At least until the next time that 16 people avoided a violent crime that day.

Question of the day: Should people caught using high capacity straw magazines be given mandatory life sentences?



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An Open Letter To Those Who Walked Away

An open letter to any who recently joined #WalkAway:


First, I’d like to address those who have walked away from the left.


I’d like to welcome all of you.


You have made a very big, and scary first step toward intellectual, and political freedom.


Some have recognized the right as not being what you were told by your left-wing abusers.  Some have embraced the Right, others are remaining unencumbered by not choosing a new side.  Both are acceptable choices.  I encourage all of you to test the facts before you.


Test them with the intent of finding their flaws.  Test your old beliefs in the same way.  Go where the facts (based on context, actual history, and your personal experiences with each side) lead you.  Keep your mind as open as the left claimed to be, and as you’re just learning we on the right actually are.


Almost as if by programming, I’ve seen many former Democrats apologizing to others frequently.    As your minds are exposed to the warmth from your newfound friends, please know; you have no reason to apologize to me for the venom of your former party.  We are overjoyed you are opening your mind to the diversity and welcome you home to the truth. Remember, this movement isn’t about me and people like me.  This movement is about you and how you will change the future of our nation.


As a Christian, I can assure you, you are an answer to prayer.


As you are going through Cognitive Dissonance, remember to embrace it, explore it, use it to grow.  Find the Truth and follow where it leads.  If you can find a single tiny flaw with a theory or idea, that theory or idea must be re-evaluated and adjusted to account for actual facts.  The scientific method you learned about in school as a child is a good guide.


Next, it’s okay to disagree.  On the Right, we do not expect, nor do we demand uniformity of thought.  We are a movement of free thinkers.


Freedom is everything.


If you get any five of us together and ask our opinion on a topic, you are guaranteed a minimum of seven different answers.


Disagreement should not lead to conflict.  It’s an opportunity to sharpen your skills, test your known facts for flaws, and expose yourself to other ideas.  This should be encouraged, as long as you can remain friends in the end.  If you can’t break bread together afterward, you did it wrong.

Third, real diversity is found in the diversity of thought.  What you find in pop culture is the diversity of ethnicity and gender, while demanding a uniformity of thought.


This is exactly what you were choking on as a member of the left.  The demand of uniformity of thought is then enforced with a cult-like discipline which many of you have experienced by people you thought were your friends for the mere crime of thinking for yourself and exposing yourself to other viewpoints.  Ethnicity and gender are irrelevant when compared to character, ethics, integrity, and independent thought.  The diversity of thought is real diversity.  Without it, you have nothing.


Fourth, ask those of us on the right questions.  Explore what we believe and why.  We won’t be offended.  We’ve naturally developed thick skin from dealing with the militant left.  Variation of ideas and thoughts don’t offend us.  To offend me requires a lot of effort, and unless you are abusing children or animals, it’s nearly impossible to accomplish.


I know this is hard to recognize considering from where you’ve come, but you are safe with us.  We can disagree, and it’s okay.  It’s encouraged.


We on the right are happy you escaped your captivity.


There are no victims here, only free people.


Author: Michael DigmanMichael Digman, Author

Recently Retired Career Naval Officer, Michael Digman attended Annapolis and holds degrees in Mathematics, National Security & Strategic Studies, and in Strategic Analytics.  A devout married Evangelical Christian and a life-long conservative.  The #WalkAway movement has inspired him to express his gratitude and acceptance to those who have recently Walked Away.

I Came Out to My Gay Best Friend

It’s been about a week since I posted my #WalkAway video.

The response has been overwhelming.


I tried keeping up with all the comments at first, but I lost track a while ago.  I feel like each person took the time to write a loving comment to me and I should respond with gratitude.  Not just a canned response, but a heartfelt thank you. I don’t think I can even type that fast, though.


However, I’m doing pretty well keeping up with the messages and I think I’ve finally decided what I want to call my Blog.  The idea has been bouncing around in my head for months and I’m pretty sure Michelle is sick of me talking about it.  There couldn’t possibly be a better time for me to launch my blog idea and of course I came up with the perfect name in this whirlwind of new found inspiration.

The Closet on the Right

I mentioned the name to David Harris Jr when he called me to invite me onto his show.  It was perfect.  He would gladly tell his followers about my new site and Facebook page.

There’s only one problem.  I don’t actually have one yet and his show is in 24 hours.  No time to eat or sleep, I need to get to work.


“Insomnia is my greatest inspiration.” Jon Stewart

The show went great.  I was nervous, so incredibly nervous, but it went very well.  I’m a little surprised at how positive the response has been.  People are flooding to my page and I’m still scrambling to get my site fully up and running. My new friends over at the Red Pill Pundit have been a tremendous help and the article they wrote about my video seems to be taking over the #3 spot on their trending blog list.


I know my video is resonating with people but I’m still in shock when people tell me how much it moved them.  Little old me.  Introverted, dog loving, Star Wars watching, political nerd, me.  A few of my friends in real life have even seen the video and commented on it in the group.  The reach is getting wider and wider.

The realization hits me like an elephant:

OH MY GOD MY FRIENDS!!! My friends are starting to see this.  I didn’t remove it from my Activity Log!  I mean, yeah I said I was “Coming Out” of my Conservative Closet on David’s show but my friends are going to see this!


What will they think?  Will they think I hate them? Will they hate me?  What should I do?

Screenshot of Convo

I need to talk to them and just let them know.  Whatever happens, happens.

She knows something is wrong.  I don’t ever act this way.  After some small talk about her new job and meeting Dana White ( The UFC guy), I ask her if she had heard of #WalkAway Campaign.


She hasn’t, which I figured would be the case.  I explain the premise of the movement and give a brief synopsis of my video.

Like me, she spent most of her life trying to live a traditional, “virtuous Christian” life that suppressed who she really was.  Like me, she didn’t come out until her 30’s.  She understands the life of living in a closet.

Tweet About Losing Friends Over Politics

“I’ve been really afraid to talk to you about this because I know you are pretty liberal with politics and I’ve seen a few of the things that you posted about the situation down at the border. I don’t know if you know but I’m pretty conservative on most things but I don’t want that to ruin our relationship.”

I let her know how much I love her and our other friend that I mentioned in the video.

At this point, I’m sobbing.  I’m waiting for the line to go dead.  Or maybe screaming?  Calm, ominous judgment?  I actually don’t know what to expect.

“Lynz. I’m not going anywhere.”

Sobbing gets MUCH WORSE.  The relief I feel can’t even be described.  And then…shame?  This was unexpected.

I’m ashamed that I actually thought one of my best friends would abandon me over politics.  I doubted the strength of my relationship and the humanity of one of the most important people in my life over something like politics.

We ended up having a really great conversation where basically she reassured me and I vented about how sad I was that our country has come to this.  She agrees.

She has to catch a flight to Seattle so I let her go.


She’s back from her trip and texts to me to see how I’m doing.  I give her a run-down of the crazy week I’ve had.


Great advice, from an even greater friend.









The Voice Behind The Door: Introduction

The fear is crippling.

My mind races with ideas.

I want to share…but I can’t.

This life is wonderful. Each day I sell. And from my products, I make a good living. A better living than I’ve ever made before. It’s nice to have a diet that isn’t forty percent Ramen noodles. I just bought a couch and it arrives tomorrow. A new couch that didn’t fill me with stress about whether I could afford it.

There will be long football Saturdays spent on the couch as watch my teams and achieve a happiness that can only be known when the leaves start to turn.

Outside, though, a tempest has been raging for some time.

It has engulfed the world.

Many have chosen sides. The slings and arrows of vitriol bring down people every day. I’ve watched them fall from both sides of the aisle.

Anti Republican Lies

And I cower.

In my closet.

It’s lonely in here. It’s dark. I’m afraid.

What sort of person lets other people fight the battle? Cowardice weighs heavy on my heart, but still, the risk is real. I depend upon the sales of my products. If I came out and declared who I was, what I believed in, and tried to have a conversation about the solutions I feel are best for the country, there would be retribution.

It is easy to leave a one-star review.


My products, which I’ve poured years into developing and marketing, are like my children. I adore them. To watch each fall at the hands of angry bitter leftist rebels scares me to death.

And they would fall.

A tweet.

A post.

A call-to-arms, “Get him, he is a REPUBLICAN, he must die. Cut off his lifeline. Destroy his means of living. Bury him,” would surely come.

I hide.

I need an outlet, though.  A place for my ideas to flow freely.  I know that it would be more than just a form of therapy for me, but my hope is that it will reach others who feel the same.

Perhaps someday we can all gather the courage to come out of this Conservative Closet together.  Perhaps, someday I won’t have to.

Each day I read the testimonials. With every story, a tiny seed of hope is planted. The heroic stands taken by so many lifts me up. I can see where the movement is going. I’m filled with joy…and maybe a little less fear.

And to the brave souls who are fighting, Lynzee, Brandon, and all the others, this is my contribution.

I dedicate this forum to helping those on both sides understand the fear that many of us live with day in and day out.  I dedicate this forum to regaining my voice.  I dedicate this forum to giving you back yours.


I am The Voice Behind the Door.


Another Powerful #WalkAway Testimonial As The Campaign Continues To Pick Up Steam

With every passing day, the #WalkAway Campaign grows stronger. Last Saturday was no exception when a striking young woman named Lynzee Domanico posted a powerful #WalkAway testimonial chronicling her battle with being a “Closeted” conservative in the gay community.

Lynzee begins by talking about her struggles growing up in a small conservative mountain town raised by Catholic parents and how she knew at an early age that she was gay.

Lynzee goes on to share her feelings about her first marriage, to a man, that ended in divorce and recalls how liberated she felt when she found the strength to come out as a gay woman. Lynzee said she could never have imagined how her newfound power would be immediately stripped away as now she had to live as a “closeted” conservative.

She ends her powerful testimony with the fear she felt with the thought of coming out as conservative to her gay friends, and how she thought it was time to #WalkAway.

Many on the left have suggested that the #WalkAaway Campaign is a movement conceived in the Kremlin and executed by Russian bots but with authenticity like this, it’s clear the #WalkAway Campaign will continue to make some liberals rethink their blind allegiance to the Democratic party.

Welcome home Lynzee!


You Can Follow Lynzee on Twitter: @closetonright



#WalkAway: Restoring Our Natural Balance


A Shift Is Occurring Thanks to #WalkAway


In every aspect of nature, there exists a balance.

Plants and animals all have an opposing force that prevents their numbers from growing so large that they end up destroying their own ecosystems.  Can you imagine if there were no lions to hunt zebra and other prey animals?  These creatures would grow in population, eat all the vegetation and wipe themselves out.

On the other hand, if there were more lions than zebras, they would hunt every animal, nothing would be left to eat, and…wait for it…wipe themselves out.

Moral of the story: Too much of any one thing, is bad.  Tip the scales too far in one direction; you get chaos and death.

This concept applies to virtually everything, including humans and their behaviors.  Politics, religion, economics, you name it, they all seek an equilibrium.

Want a completely unregulated capitalistic market like we had in the time of John D. Rockefeller, Andrew Carnegie, and Henry Ford?  Well, that may have seen a massive surge in economic prosperity for some, but it meant inhumane working conditions and pay for the rest.  Monopolies were formed, and corruption took hold.

Workers On StrikeObviously, the opposite is even more dire.

Overregulate or place too much power in the hands of the government and you end up with Soviet Russia, North Korea, and Venezuela just to name a few. Our forefathers were wise enough to realize that to prevent such tyranny, they needed to have representation on both sides of the aisle keeping the other one in check.

Up until recently, America did a good job of maintaining the balance.

If a sitting president went too far to one side, almost by clockwork, the other party would rally in the next election and tip the scales back the other way.  People disagreed, argued, definitely rolled their eyes and then moved on.  They continued with their lives and the sky didn’t fall.


Fast forward to 2016.

Democrats had the Holy Grail of American Presidents in office for 8 years.

It was this generation’s Kennedy moment.

#WalkAway From the ViolenceLife was good.  Well, maybe they thought it was for them, but unfortunately, the rest of America disagreed and elected a wildcard for President.

You know the story.

Tears were shed, cars were flipped, stores were looted, marches were marched, the sky probably fell and the tantrums began.  Antifa was born.  Feminists made pink hats.

Social Justice Warriors fired up their MacBook Pros and began “The Resistance”.

Every week the temperature of the country climbed, and Tweeting wasn’t enough anymore.  They became militant.

Anyone who disagreed was a target for violence, harassment, and hate. The Democratic party was becoming unrecognizable. Unfortunately for them, the universal law of restoring balance began working against them.

And the scales moved.

#WalkAway Founder Brandon StrakaSomewhere in New York City, a gay hairstylist was shooting a video.

He had something to say.

Would people listen?

Yes, and the response was overwhelming! It started a movement so powerful, people from all walks of life came together in the most unlikely way. The #WalkAway hashtag was born. Brandon Straka’s life is forever changed.

He became the face of a colossal shift in alliances. A change unlike any we’ve witnessed in a generation.

With a Facebook group of 170k members (As of August 15, 2018), millions of tweets and Democrats blaming “Russian bots”; this campaign is growing by the day and shows no signs of slowing down.

People are realizing they’re not alone. They want to separate themselves from the hysteria that has been holding our country hostage.

It doesn’t matter what your gender, skin color, sexual orientation or background is anymore.

The left has shown time and time again that they don’t care about these details, if you disagree with them then you must be silenced.  The right has shown that despite these details they have been accused of discriminating against, they will embrace you, support you and stand by you (even if they don’t agree with you).


Let me say that again, the right has embraced diversity and welcomed the lost souls from the left with open arms.


The left has dissolved into the intolerant, hateful party of discrimination they have “fought against” for so long.  They have gone too far.  The scales have been tipped too much.

The #WalkAway movement is here to restore the natural order that has always made America great and with brave leaders like Brandon, we’re going to Keep America Great.


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