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The Cohen Set Up

Do people really think that it’s a coincidence this congressional hearing that was set up on the same day that President Trump arrives in Vietnam to have a meeting with Kim Jung Un to negotiate a peace treaty?

Do you honestly feel this was not intentional to make President Trump look as bad as possible?

Our great President is on the other side of the world, trying to keep a crazy communist from blowing America up and starting a war.

While he’s not in America, Democrats are defaming his character in a congressional hearing!

WAKE UP AMERICA! The media is duping you, and the Democratic Party wants you to “hate” President Trump, when in fact, he is probably the only person in over five decades who has done anything for the country or even gives a crap about your wellbeing.

Seriously, if you still don’t understand the “real” collusion happening in America, then you need to go back to school and start over from the first grade. Or maybe you need to take yourself out of the indoctrinated school system and learn some good old fashioned common sense.

I, just as many others watched the Cohen congressional hearing, and I guarantee you I walked away from that hearing with a different mindset than what liberals did.

And I saw and watched the same hearing as you did.

Shady From the Beginning

First, Democrats waited until the night before to submit any evidence.

You must submit evidence to Congress at least twenty-four hours prior to any hearing per their requirements. Democrats deliberately disobeyed this requirement. Massive intentional violation of the rules in Congress?  Appears to be the case.

Think about that for a moment.

How is it that Congress didn’t receive the evidence in time, but it was available to be broadcast on a national scale now?  The Democrats deliberately withheld the evidence to prohibit Congressional Republicans from dismantling it.

Next, Representative Jim Jordon questioned why CNN had all the material before Congress had it. That’s a great question!  How does CNN manage to know about highly sensitive happenings before anyone else does?

Naturally, he gets cut off by Representative Cummings because Michael Cohen “needs to be heard.”

In my opinion, the constitution no longer means anything to Congress anymore.  America, we’re in dangerous times.

Before the Congressional hearing, members took a vote to decide if they should delay this hearing so everyone would have a chance to review the evidence submitted.

Although the majority of the votes were “NAY,” Mr. Cummings overrode the nay vote and forced the unconstitutional hearing.

Rep. Cummings reaffirmed once again that Democrats only care about the Constitution when it serves them.

A Different Set of Rules

The Democrats create their own rules and do what they want at the end of the day.

Alright, I have a question for all of you democratic loony toon liberals out there who are a part of the “justice movement.”

Does justice only matter if it swings in your favor?

No need to respond, I’m sure I’ll get all the hate emails afterward.

Moving onto the congressional hearing, which was a complete and total joke that lasted five and a half hours. This hearing should not have lasted any more than thirty minutes because it was that much of a waste of taxpayers dollars.

Now, I can sit here and break down word from word everything that has happened, but that would be too lengthy, so I am just going to go over some highlights.

The Hearing

First, do you guys know who orchestrated this entire hearing? Lanny Davis! The same Lanny Davis that is “best friends” with the Clinton’s.

Not only did he tell the committee staff that the hearing was his idea, but he also had to persuade the chairman to have the hearing.  Also, he had to convince Michael Cohen, who is a “convicted perjurer” to come back into the courtroom and encourage this witness to violate a client-attorney privilege.

Michael Cohen was unable to provide any proof of his accusations to members of Congress.  Aside from this “one check” that was submitted the night before the hearing, all other testimony was simply “name calling” and “slandering.”

Verbatim, Cohen stated,

“He’s a racist, and a conman, and a cheat.”

Ok, I think Obama is a cheat but does that mean I have any right to go and slander his name and smear his character in a Congressional hearing? Not unless I have some proof to back it up.

Multiple congressional representatives kept pointing out the fact that Michael Cohen is a pathological liar. However, many asked those present not to overindulge the signs that were made to make fun of him. Quite a few large signs called out Cohen as a “pathological liar.”

Question: Didn’t Michael Cohen already receive a conviction for lying to Congress?  What makes this any different?

What drove me nuts about this circus of a hearing was how representatives such as Ms. Speier would “prompted” Michael Cohen questions.

Once again, Democrats are making up their own rules.

“How many times did President Trump have you threaten people, was 50 times, 100 times, 200 times?”

Sure sounds like prompting for a specific answer to me.

Also, did anyone catch how hilarious it was the Debbie Wasserman Shultz (who rigged the Democratic Party Primary so Hillary could win, and was also forced to resign because of it) questioned Michael Cohen about whether trump rigged the election?  The lunacy is real, and you cannot make this stuff up.

No Seriously, she did ask this.

It’s not hard to see the sole purpose of this meeting was to smear President Trump and nothing else.

Lanny Davis used whatever leverage he still holds in DC to set up a Congressional hit job. Not surprisingly, the media was more than happy to participate.

Many of those foaming at the mouth for this hearing didn’t even watch the full interview.  Yet, they content to use sound bites to “prove” their narrative of the President.

What I find the most interesting is that these supposed “intellectuals” are but a puppet for the media to use for their own gain.  They know how to manipulate emotions and facts for maximum effect.

Sadly, Americans are buying into it and that’s the most frustrating part.  What about you?  Are you awake yet?

[Guest Post] Nothing is Free in New York

Guess what, New York? Nothing is for free; everything comes at a cost.

First, I want to know why isn’t Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez about creating jobs?

Wasn’t she the one that said, “it’s inevitable to create jobs?” in her Green New Deal?

Hold up for one second; she only wants to create jobs if it partakes in increasing taxes, giving out small wages and deals with restructuring the economy to a socialistic government.

Ever since Jeff Bezos announced his interest in another headquarters for Amazon in New York City, AOC’s progressive movement opposed this possibility aggressively.

So much so, that Jeff Bezos axed any further discussions.  Even Governor Cuomo and Mayor Bill de Blasio suggested it was because of her.

I have a couple of opinions on that.

1) Note to Jeff Bezos; this woman has never owned a business, why are you allowing her to push you around? I would say other things, but I have to keep the article family appropriate, that will be for the youtube channel I come out within the future.

2) This woman is proud that she caused a loss of 25,000 job opportunities in one of the lesser wealthy areas in New York. A city, by the way, that wasn’t even her district.  This business project would have tremendously helped boost that part of the state’s economy considering they are looking at a $2.3B budget deficit.

Let Me Break This Down for You AOC

See this is how economics works: you invest in an area, even to clean it up, more people come to the area, more people spend money in the area.  Then, that city gets more revenue, the economy for that city will increase, and the economy for that state will increase.

And she is proud that she cost Long Island and Queens 40,000 employees a possible job opportunity?

Dear who gave birth to you?

Do they know where you are? Are you lost in life?

(If I was serious about any of those questions, I would be going against my previous article accusing you of being smarter than you look.)

I am displaying how you are a threat to the Nation.

Here you go America, her true colors are coming out. You wanted to vote for her solely on identity politics.

A month in and she is already destroying jobs, in a city that is not that wealthy, and would have helped that city boost its economy.

Bravo, New York, Bravo.

New York elected this woman, and now New York sees the damage she is completely capable of causing.

New York, are you sure you want to remain blue? Personally I feel that the state of New York did a lot better when it was ran by John Gotti.

The Curious Case of Jussie Smollett

Where do I even begin?

There is so much wrong with this story from Jussie Smollett, and “attack” at 2 am, where the “suspects” turned out to be two background artists from his TV show.

First, let’s start from the beginning, shall we?

First of all, I want to know what two white men were during in the middle of the night at 2 am in Chicago.  Thanks to Obama, Chicago is one of the most dangerous cities in the United States.

Don’t get me wrong I’m sure some white people live there, but what white person is going to go walking around in Chicago at 2 am?

Do you know how many gangs are in that city?

Again, what white person is walking around at 2 am in Chicago? There was none.

Over 100 hours of video footage couldn’t verify a white person as a suspect. Jussie Smollett’s police report states “two white men, walking around with a rope and bleach at 2 am in Chicago.”

In reality, Jussie Smollett thinks America is stupid enough to believe this fairytale. Jussie doubled down in a recent interview with GMA, claiming that if he were black or Muslim, people would be more supportive.  Hold on; he is black though.  Jussie is also gay.  I think his intersectionality identity politics check enough boxes.

Many Things Don’t Add Up

Second of all, who walks into the ER with the rope still around his neck? Seriously, Jussie?

Has anyone ever been attacked or in a fight with someone, and they throw something on you? Why would you have the “extra” object still on your persons after the fact?

More proof that he honestly thinks we are all stupid enough to believe this fairytale.

Third, he filed a police report; we have already been up to date with this information about how this story has unraveled.

The police and the FBI are now involved. Taxpayer money is now being used to investigate this hoax. Jussie was adamant his attackers were white Trump supporters in MAGA hats.  To make the story even juicier, the attackers yelled: “this is MAGA country!”

Now, it’s not only a political hate crime but a racist hate crime as well, too.

On a side note, as a conservative, I don’t know anyone who says “MAGA COUNTRY.” I know a diverse group of conservatives and everyone was left scratching their heads at that one. Jussie knows nothing about Trump supporters or else his attackers’ commentary would be more believable.

His Motive

Allegedly, Jussie staged this whole incident as an attempt to gain sympathy so the producers of Empire wouldn’t write off his character in the show.

What kind of person concocts a publicity stunt to not only save his skin but also paint half the country as hateful bigots? A selfish, spiteful and greedy person who has a well-documented history of hating and discriminating against conservatives.

Let’s not forget that Jussie is supposedly living in a country where hate crimes, racism, and homophobia are “where we are at.” However, Jussie makes $20,000 per episode on Empire.  Eighteen episodes in a season, five seasons over his career, I do not see the oppression Jussie claims.

If Jussie wants to experience real hate crimes, real homophobia, and real racism; there are a few countries he could move to where they would throw him off a building, not give him a lead role in a tv show.

Jussie is carrying the torch for his hero, Barack Obama, who successfully created a racially divided America where only black lives matter.

Sadly, Jussie decided to not only ruin his reputation but the reputation and maybe even careers of the two backup actors he involved in his scheme.  All of this to paint himself as a victim and manipulate producers of his show to save his job.

A mature, mentally and emotionally stable person would what thousands of people do every day: Find a different job!

Hollywood producers write off characters of shows every day.  It’s part of the job.

On a Personal Note

In my opinion, you are a disgusting human being. You lied to the American people, and you’re a horrible, degrading selfish cry baby. I hope the police charge you with falsifying a police report and arrested.

And people like me, do not need to forgive you. That’s God’s choice to do so, not mine.

When your day comes to embrace Jesus and ask him for forgiveness you need to ask my brother, Jesus Christ,

“Do you forgive me for being a racist bigot towards white people and lying to people because I got greedy with money and Selfish.”

You feel that people are stupid and are lesser than you because you’re black. You’re a disgrace to being a human being.

I feel sorry for you.

Jussie Smollett, you need to have a come to Jesus moment.

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The Real Threat of AOC and Her Agenda

Not the Brightest Bulb on the Tree

We’ve all seen the memes on Facebook and Twitter making fun of how irresponsible and stupid this woman is.

We all get a kick out of them as well. Of course, my favorite meme is Alexandria eating a box of crayons and saying,  “this doesn’t taste like grape.”

It’s apparent this woman appears not to have a clue what she is talking about in many of her statements.

She thinks the three branches of government are the House, the Senate, and the “Presidency.”

AOC, please let me help you out babe, EXECUTIVE, LEGISLATIVE, AND JUDICIAL.

Not to mention, their titles are self-explanatory; I honestly don’t feel like I have to explain them.

Then, her little-coordinated protest of women “wearing white” at the SOTU address on February 5th, 2019, which allegedly stood for “women’s rights.” However, she refused to stand up for an ovation when President Trump announced saving hundreds of women at the border from being trafficked in from Mexico.

Not those women’s rights though.

Her recently proposed green energy bill that will place everyone back into the stone age riding bicycles to work in a blizzard. As a Denver resident, people driving around in 2WD is chaotic enough. Good one, AOC.

This “green bill” would also create jobs using solar power which would then get rid of racism somehow? Because those two topics just don’t mix at all.

She Still Can’t Answer the Million Dollar Question

Did anyone care to look at how much taxes she is proposing to make that happen?

In recent interviews, she’s expressed a desire to tax some citizens from 70-90%.  According to AOC, this “marginal tax rate” would only impact the excessively wealthy who “don’t pay their fair share.”

What she fails to realize is that even if she taxed the most wealthy 5% of America, we would still fall very short of her radical plan.

To implement this plan, she would have to tax every American family at a 70-90% tax rate. Many families are struggling to pay their bills even with President Trump’s aggressive tax cuts. Many American families work more than one job to make ends meet.

Let me ask you this, how many jobs will you need to have a roof over your head if the US government takes 90% of your paycheck?

Visit A Socialist Country

As a child living in Germany, I spent two weeks in the socialist country and experienced socialism first-hand.  (This system eventually failed in the Czech Republic and is now a liberated Republic.)

Since the state takes 90% of your paycheck, you have kids not to have a family but to have them work to pay for rent.

On your day off, you stand in line for several hours to receive an allotted grocery list based on your family size.

If you need shoes, you wait in line for two to three hours to get shoes. Unfortunately, if you wear a size ten and all they have left by the time you get to the end of the line is a size six, you’re cutting the toes off the shoes, or leave it.

The Reality of AOC

WAKE UP AMERICA, that is what socialism is. The state takes, and they don’t give. You don’t get options, you lose options.

And that is not the scary part! The scary part is this woman was elected into congress.

Does anyone realize what that means?

She manipulated a lot of uneducated people by telling a lie that life is better if we give her money to get free stuff.

This woman is smarter than she looks, and that’s not a good thing.

She convinced enough people to vote for her to get her into Congress so she can be a part of the legislative branch. Trust me; she is aware of what that is.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is more dangerous than most of you think, and what you don’t realize is they lie and repeat the lie to make it sound more and more convincing.

Do you think that this woman is this dumb? Or is the reality that she is playing dumb?

Our country is in severe danger for allowing a communist to be a part of the legislative branch. Unfortunately, it’s not just her. Several other radicals have joined her in Congress as well.

No, this is not paranoid fear mongering either, our country is doomed if we allow this trend to continue. The threat is real. I do not trust this woman, and she is not stupid.

Do not let her ignorance bypass as that innocent little school girl who randomly won an election with hopes and prayers from New York.

She’s a lot smarter than we are giving her credit for, and if you think for one second believe that she couldn’t hurt a fly, think of the actual position she is in with the government; THE LEGISLATIVE BRANCH.

She’s in a position to influence the writing of legislation. Half of the country is already left-leaning Democratic. It’s not hard to convince a liberal to move to a socialistic idea.

The warnings are here. Are we going to listen?