The Closet on the Right was started after Lynzee Domanico (CONTR Founder) uploaded a #WalkAway video (view it here) to the #WalkAway campaign official Facebook group.

Unbeknownst to her, this video would reach thousands of people, thousands of shares and thousands of comments within a matter of the first few days.

Many, many people reached out to express support and express they too, felt they were being forced into a “Conservative Closet”.

With the growing tension in America, many people fear retaliation, threats and even physical violence for simply stating their opinions.  The feeling of living in the “closet” is no longer exclusive to the LGBT community.  Gender, race, age, and sexual orientation matters no more to those who feel they cannot express their voice or stand up for their beliefs.

Story after story of conservatives being shunned, abandoned and vilified by friends, family, and even partners; Lynzee decided to take a stand.

She “came out” of her conservative closet and created an online space where people living in fear can once again regain their voice thru articles, videos, and community discussions.  Everyone is welcome here.

Even if you are not “in the closet”, your voice matters and your support is crucial to those are still finding their courage.

Thank you for visiting us at the Closet on the Right!

Meet the Team:


The Voice Behind The Door

The Voice Behind The Door

Anonymous Blogger/Ghostwriter

The Voice is a “Closeted Conservative” anonymously blogging their life in the Conservative Closet. We protect this person’s identity at all costs as their career could be ended by negative attention. Follow the weekly blog series detailing the struggles and challenges of a Closet Conservative. Submit anonymous guest posts through The Voice for approval, editing, and submission.

David Dumas

David Dumas


A pragmatist, David believes in free speech and expression as the building blocks of a free society. His political views can be described as libertarian-leaning or “classically liberal”.

Michelle Domanico

Michelle Domanico

Operations Director

Wife, Step-mom, Conservative, Motivational Speaker and OCD Organizational badass. Michelle is the Keeper of Lynzee’s sanity and her schedule. She is the supporting force that allows The Closet on the Right to do what it does and wouldn’t be possible without her.

Dash (Rainbow Dash)

Dash (Rainbow Dash)


Official Office Greeter. Voted most likely to get grounded but has velvety soft noggin so she usually avoids it. Will steal your spot and your girl.

AJ (Applejack)

AJ (Applejack)

Chief Executive Cuddler

Office Emotional Support Director. Lap warmer and content supportive team member. Works for belly rubs and kisses.



Guard Dog

Office Guard Dog. Protects us all from sketchy bags, the UPS man (until he offers snacks), trees that blow aggressively and boxes. Obsessed with balls. Expert food catcher.

How Does the Closet on the Right Work?

The Closet on the Right has anonymous and regular open forums for its community.  Community members can submit their content through whichever channel is most appropriate for them. Anyone wanting to remain anonymous will submit to The Voice Behind the Door and everyone else will go thru The Closet on the Right for regular Guest posting.



The Voice Behind the Door is the anonymous forum run by The Voice who writes a weekly blog series but also receives all the submissions.  Content can include written articles, videos, memes, etc.

Send Submissions to: thevoice@theclosetontheright.com



The Closet on the Right is Lynzee’s blogging forum for current events, opinion, satire, YouTube videos and guest posts.  Anyone wanting to submit articles, videos, and other content can send this directly to her at: info@theclosetontheright.com