Is Kanye Back In the Race?

Is Kanye back in the race?

This ABC News report says yes. According to the media outlet, Kanye is heading to South Carolina for his first campaign event today at 5 pm. The event which is only open to “registered guests” will be the first stop on Ye’s already bizarre election bid.

Despite widely circulated reports that West is dropping out of the race, it appears that the rapper is moving ahead. So far, Kanye’s campaign seems to be just as chaotic and eccentric as his personal life. Not so long ago, Kanye’s friendship with President Trump was something both men boasted about publicly.


It’s not entirely clear how West would qualify, as South Carolina’s deadline to file signatures as an independent candidate was July 15. The state does not allow write-in candidates.

West got on the ballot in his first state earlier this week in Oklahoma. The state allows independent candidates to pay a $35,000 fee — small change for rapper and businessman who Forbes says is worth just over $1 billion — to get on the November ballot.MORE: Kanye West announces he’s running for president

Time is running out for West in many states. He needs 270 electoral votes to win, and there are only 306 electoral votes left among the states, plus Washington, D.C., where the filing deadlines have yet to pass.

If he doesn’t get on all of the ballots for the five states with an Aug. 3 deadline, the reality is he won’t physically be able to win on Election Day.

But reality hasn’t stopped West in the past.

Sadly, many aren’t taking the rappers Presidential bid seriously. West admits to mental health struggles, and while his bipolar disorder may fuel the creative genius’ fashion and music, it doesn’t bode well for politics. (Or at least not this particular brand of mental health issues) This attempt at a political campaign appears to be just another bizarre event in the life of Ye.

Still, at least 2020 isn’t failing to deliver on the terrifying but entertaining events to keep us distracted from the real issues. Enjoy the show!

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