WATCH: Nick Cannon Says White People are “Closer to Animals” and “A Little Less” Than Black People

It appears that one thing is clear these days, Black Lives Matter is ripping off the mask of the blatant hate, bigotry, and racism that exists in the minds of many people in this community.

Case in point, Nick Cannon went on a very honest, very bigoted tirade on his podcast, “Cannon Cast.” See for yourself.

Notice how he references “Minister” Louis Farrakhan. The same Louis Farrakhan that openly preaches anti-semitism and black supremacy. In fact, he received a ban from Facebook because his speeches and beliefs are so hateful and racist. In all honesty, that’s some accomplishment! I don’t know many left-wing Democrat donors to earn the same badge as the likes of Alex Jones.

If this line of thought sounds familiar, it’s because it is. The leader of Black Lives Matter in Toronto recently went on record to preach this same belief of racial superiority. Black Lives Matter doesn’t want to create a world of racial equality. Black Lives Matter thinks Black Lives Are Better.

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