Radicals Breed Radicals

I know what you’re thinking as soon as you read this headline. You click on it, and in your mind, the Nicolas Cage meme pops up, and you go, “You don’t say!”

Of course, radicals create more radicals, Lynzee. That’s kind of the point.

Obviously, the members of radical organizations like Antifa and the more hardcore sections of BLM seek to reach out and recruit new members. The bigger the numbers, the deeper the indoctrination, the more influential the movement.

This is radicalism 101 and not at all what we’re going to cover in this article. Instead, we’re going to discuss how adding more weight to one side of the scale inevitably causes more weight added to the other side.

In other words, radicals create radicals.

We Teach People How to Treat Us

Our behaviors, language, and treatment of others teach everyone how to treat us.

If you are a rude, impatient, disrespectful person, people will approach you with the same behaviors. Conversely, if you are kind, respectful, and calm, you are more likely to receive that in return.

In other words, the golden rule of humanity. Treat others as you like to be treated.

Right now, in America, protesters are taking to the streets in hopes of creating change.

Unfortunately, radicals are infiltrating these would-be peaceful protests and sowing seeds of hate and violence. Looting, arson, assault, and murder are rocking the cities in our nation.

Violent demonstrations are showing America what they are really about and how we should treat them in response.

These individuals only respond to equal shows of force. They have continuously demonstrated they don’t care who you are, what you are, or even which side you’re on; their destruction is coming for you as well.

As a result, people all over the nation are taking up arms to protect their businesses and communities. Others, who attempt to side with protestors stand bewildered in front of the smoking remains of their lives wondering why they were targeted.

As more of these stories emerge, the understand this. The people causing this damage and destruction respect no one and nothing. They don’t care about you or who you are.

Time to apply the golden rule here and treat them the same way they treat everyone else.

Two Branches from the Same Seed

As of now, we’re seeing two types of radicals emerging from these riots: Racial and ideological.

The ideological, or in other words, Antifa, want to burn it all to the ground. That is literally their goal. Their anarcho-communist movement seeks to violate every rule and standard of western culture. They want to burn down everything to the ground and remake it in the way they see fit. Like so many that come before them, militant revolution is the means to an end.

The racial, on the other hand, seems more widespread. This brand of radicalism is both violent and psychological. They viciously target white people and their businesses under the name of “racial justice.” In their minds, they are repaying their “oppressors” for decades of injustice. (Regardless of the fact that the people they target are innocent.)

On the other side, they are employing psychological methods to reach their goals. “White Guilt” to be more specific. The videos of white people kneeling, laying down, apologizing, and even in one case, licking the boots of black people are becoming more common.

Unfortunately, many people see these videos and social media posts. Everyone is reacting negatively, whether it be fear or anger. Although this is not representative of the black community at large, the radicals you see today are fueling conflict and rising tensions.

Lately, literally anything can be twisted into some form of racism. This mass manipulation of society drives both of these dangerous groups as we’re seeing now.

At this point, most people are exhausted and defeated by social justice, these people would rather submit to racial superiority than fight for racial equality.

Each branch of radicalism grows on the same tree and is born of the same seed deeply rooted in hate. These groups’ do not merely wish to take a seat at the table of society. Their goal is to take the seat at the head of the table, and they are willing to use any means necessary to get there.

The Opposition

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Newton’s Third Law of Motion

Most modern societies exist on a spectrum—specifically moral, ideological, and demographic spectrum where many people gather closer to other like-minded people. It’s a natural human behavior to form social groups where we feel supported and accepted.

For the most part, radicals occupy small percentages on the fringes of each side, with most people taking up the most space in the middle.

That is, until one side tips the scales and starts pulling more people from the middle further out to the fringes. The further out you move, the wider the line in the sand becomes.

As these groups issue more and more cultural ultimatums, more and more people pick a side. When they match the ultimatums with violence, emotions soon take over, and people start shifting in one direction or the other.

Defiance, hatred, blame, and resentment blur people’s thoughts, and as many people move further to their side, many also move away from the side they once defended. As members of these communities quickly realize, their home and property are as much of a target as anyone.

We’re seeing many of these radicals alienate the people who leaned toward their side of the scale. This betrayal is pushing supporters away into the arms of the people who will rise up against them.

Naturally, as one side sees the other as a threat, they move deeper and deeper into their corner. Their once malleable positions start hardening like concrete, and the few people left in the middle look around and wonder where everyone went.

What’s left is both sides tightly huddled together, reinforcing the negative stereotypes they’ve been fighting for years.

In the end, the radicals fighting so desperately for the change they want to see do nothing more than create an oppositional force that puts everyone back at square one.

So to all the radicals out there, beware. You are not pushing your agenda forward.

Rather, you’re motivating the masses to mobilize against you to eliminate a threat. You are your own worst enemy.

Are you sure you want people to rise up and answer that call?

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