LGBT: The Monster They Fight to Destroy

One of the things I admire most about the LGBT community is their ability to stay in a fight. They don’t back down, and for decades, many in this community carried the struggle of us all on their shoulders. A struggle, that until recent generations were very real.

At one time in this country, our society rejected homosexuality entirely. Democrats and Republicans alike opposed the notion of gay marriage. In fact, Hillary Clinton herself opposed any legislation until the 2000s.

These days have passed.

Gay marriage is legal. America generally accepts the LGBT community on both sides, and only small fractions of our culture hold bigoted views.

The war against hate is won. Equal rights are here; tolerance is mandatory.

This, however, is not enough. The war for the LGBT community rages on.

The Never-Ending War

The LGBT movement is so powerful these days that anyone in need of some social justice points can add their letter to the acronym. Hence, “LGBT” is now “LGBTQRSLMOP+,” and what everyone else sees is a bunch of jumbled letters.

In other words, a bowl of alphabet soup.

For the alphabet soup group, if there is no war, there is no purpose. And if there is no purpose, then we become just the same and normal like everyone else.

Which, incidentally is what I thought the entire movement was fighting for.

Although no one in their right mind would show any kind of bigotry to this group, the community insists it’s a systemic problem. Furthermore, the newly evolved community thrives on oppression and jumps on any glimpse of discrimination. This validates their purpose and fuels the fight. Without oppression, they lose their purpose and special status in society.

Unfortunately, this requires a cycle that regularly seeks to vilify everyday language, ordinary conversations, and normal behaviors. I mean, if no oppression exists, why not invent it? Right?

Obviously, if you disagree, you’re a bigot.

Keep in mind that if you are not a member of the Alphabet soup group, asking for understanding or tolerance is not ok.

Sadly, the road of tolerance and respect is not a two-way street. It’s a highway and a bike path.

Becoming the Monster You Seek to Destroy

As a gay woman, I have one foot on each side of this fight. However, like most gay conservatives, I do not exclusively define myself by my sexual orientation. I do not need to elevate my social status among my peers or use intersectional characteristics to take my place in society.

I would be lying if I said I’ve never experienced homophobia or hateful comments. However, these comments usually come from the side that supposedly fights for tolerance.

Each time I encounter someone like this, I don’t get angry or lash out. Instead, I feel pity, albeit brief, and then walk away from the situation. This behavior says more about them than it does about me.

A person willing to attack and tear down someone else because of who they are must live a sad and miserable life indeed.

For me, knowing this is punishment enough.

The alphabet soup group, on the other hand, takes a different approach, a vengeful, destructive, vindictive approach. Like sharks who smell blood in the water, they attack.

Your business, your family, your friends, your entire existence is the target of destruction. They will not stop until every association you have turns their back on you. Many call this the “Gay Mafia.” A group who run around committing “hit jobs” on anyone without a Human Rights Campaign sticker on their car.

This moniker is appropriate and one that they earned all on their own.

The LGBT community is the monster they’ve fought so hard to destroy.

Enough Is Enough

Many other gays and I are tired of being grouped with such a hateful and angry group of people. They are setting our entire community back decades. Their aggressive bullying is turning people away from tolerance and creating fear and resentment.

It needs to stop.

Unfortunately, I know this article will make me the target of the entire community.

To which I say, bring it on.

Come at me. I dare you. In doing so, you will prove my point. You will show the world who the real monster has become. Show us your true colors.

If a fight is what you want, then a fight is what you’ll get.

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