The Pandemic Precedent

Throughout human history, humanity regularly experiences new diseases. Each one is addressed accordingly, depending on the severity of the disease. Recently, the global Covid-19 pandemic brought the entire planet to its knees.

While the debate over whether or not this reaction is justified, leaders around the world are seeing a new opportunity emerging: The Pandemic Precedent.

Biological Warfare: Repurposed

At the time of writing this article, nearly one-half of the states in America are still experiencing near total lockdowns.

Clearly, coronavirus is very dangerous to specific groups of the population. Many communities have seen devastating losses of life. There’s no debating that.

However, we’ve seen many diseases on this planet. None have caused the planet to stop dead in its tracks.

Why now? Why this virus?

President Obama faced H1N1 during his time in the Oval Office, but no one stopped anything about their daily lives to confront it. In fact, multiple presidencies saw deadly diseases during their terms.

What is it about this virus that is reshaping the way everyone lives? How can a virus literally change the landscape of day-to-day life? In short, it’s not the virus.

It’s the people responsible for sensationalizing every single aspect of life to create fear.

In the beginning, President Trump responded appropriately to Covid-19 by limiting travel from China. The early stages of response were appropriate based on what we knew about this new disease. The goal was simply to delay mass infection, so we don’t overwhelm our healthcare systems.

We have accomplished this goal.

Now, the virus and the response has taken on a new life. Many politicians quickly understood that by jumping on the hysteria bandwagon, they could shut down an entire economy and bring the population to heel.

Those who seek to control and exercise authority now have a clear path to success.

All they had to do was establish the Pandemic Precedent. This new form of biological warfare is the future of politics. Any time our government seeks to modify the landscape of our nation, expect a new, fear-driven virus to emerge.

The Trump Factor

Since his first day in office, President Trump has been the target of constant attempts to remove him. This is no secret. Democrats show us daily what depths they are capable of interfering with this President. They exaggerate every word and sensationalize every move.

President Trump does what most politicians fail to do; keep his promises.

Unfortunately, the Covid-19 pandemic creates an opportunity that is threatening everything we’ve accomplished. The Democrats know that if they want to beat Trump in November, several things must happen.

  • Destroy the cornerstone of his campaign: The Economy
  • Distract from his successes and change the focus of the people.
  • Make him responsible for mass suffering.
  • Create a situation where they save the day.
  • Control the narrative.
  • Create confusion and fear.

Thus, we have a perfect storm. A perfect storm that is a no-win situation for our President.

Do too much, and you trample over everyone’s rights. Not do enough, and you’re responsible for tens of thousands of deaths. Obviously, Democrats accuse Trump of both at the same time.

It’s a perfect opportunity for Democrats to corner the American people and push their agenda forward. Fear is the greatest motivator available to mankind. Consequently, we’re showing that our rights are conditional. We’re showing that we, the American people, are willing to give up our rights for the “greater good.”

The Future of Tyranny

For the most part, Americans know the dangers of authoritarian ideologies. Specifically, socialism and communism. Time and again, we have refused to support candidates that spout dangerous platforms. History has shown us where this path leads, and luckily, enough people still know their history.

As you can see, this poses a problem for those who want to shape the world as they see fit. Or at least, it did.

Enough Americans are willing to submit themselves to the altar of big government in exchange for a sense of security. And the politicians are willing to cash-in on a crisis to achieve their goals. In the end, it is us who provided this perfect recipe for tyranny.

We’ve set the pandemic precedent for our future. We gave them the roadmap and now, they are going to use it.

So as we move forward in these uncharted waters, please remember this:

There is no greater good than freedom. There is no life worth living than a life free from tyranny.

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