#MeToo Dies In Broad Daylight

We’ve all seen the sea of pink pussy hats moving angrily down the roads of Washington. We all know the names of the women who scream the loudest from the tops of their Twitter empire. We’ve seen the destroyed careers, the public shaming, and the trending hashtags. But now, now we get to see something entirely new happen in the #MeToo Movement.


Evaporation at the hands of the handmaids who filled the halls of Congress to protest the sins of men.

The Biden Standard

Ahhh, yes. Creepy Uncle Joe. We all know him as Obama’s right-hand man. Until recently, many didn’t pay much attention to the serial personal space invader.

Like most VP’s, Biden spent eight years hiding in the shadows of the White House making backdoor deals with foreign nations. Naturally, Obama received most of the press and scrutiny of public office. Now, many have watched Biden’s unnecessarily long career and see him for exactly what he is.

A predator.

The man has been feeling up women and children for years in plain view. Seriously, the guy doesn’t even try to hide it. We all know the GIFs, the memes, the video compilations of bizarre hair sniffing, and cringe-worthy encounters with former Vice President Biden.

Biden uses every opportunity he can to get up in someone’s hair and start sniffing away. It should come as no surprise that multiple women allege misconduct against the former VP.

Of course, we all know these things come out in campaign season. What better time to launch an accusation at someone than when they are running for office?

Naturally, we all expected the #MeToo machine to do its job. As women living in the #MeToo era, confronting this behavior is part of our new training.

We don’t care if we ruin careers, or make credible accusations. We must fight the patriarchy! (Sarcasm)

Obviously, Donald Trump and many other men are held to this standard. In fact, all Republican men are held to this standard, and anything less than is disqualifying. Similarly, Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh knows the tentacles of #MeToo all too well.

It seems only fair that we are anxiously awaiting the hammer of justice to drop any minute. After all, we know the #MeToo machine works against some unlucky elites. *cough cough Harvey Weinstein, Matt Lauer*

Unfortunately, we are seeing this week that the hammer is never going to drop on Joe Biden. In fact, the standards are not double standards any longer.

It seems that the former Veep is held to a standard entirely on his own.

That is, the Biden Standard.

The Death of #MeToo

I’ll admit, I expected a lot of things to come from the Left in regards to the Biden accusations. Rationalization, gaslighting, and utter denial.

However, I did not expect this:

This, ladies and gents is a complete acknowledgment of guilt. And not just from anyone but from Lisa Bloom, herself. Now, if you don’t know Lisa Bloom, she’s the daughter of attorney, Gloria Alred. Yes, that Gloria Alred. The attorney who’s never seen a publicity stunt she didn’t want to be a part of.

Well, the apple did not fall far from the tree here. Lisa Bloom is a civil rights’ attorney and #MeToo Medusa looking to turn men into stone at every turn.

Shockingly, this isn’t even the worst of it.

Behold, the Twitter trend of, “Biden could rape me and I would still vote for him.”

And there you have it.

As of this moment, the #MeToo movement is dead. The Left is so deranged, so unhinged that they would actually start a Twitter trend that Biden could rape them and they would still vote for him.

Not only are they refusing to believe this woman, but they are actually complicit and supportive of sexual violence.

The left destroyed their own movement in spectacular fashion.

The world hears you loud and clear, Democrats.

They don’t care about women. Rather, they care about weaponizing women to achieve their political agenda at any cost.

They will sacrifice the dignity and humanity of real victims on the alter partisan politics. And in the end, these women will be victimized twice. Their stories will no longer matter. Women are back to square one, knowing that coming forward is a pointless endeavor.

Sadly, the very women who propped up this movement are turning their backs on the sole purpose of their cause.

Granted, many of us knew this all along. However, the shrieking heads of liberalism would never listen to us. Instead, they get the hear, and see the message straight from the source.

So for that, we thank you.

We thank you for burying this charade of social justice in a grave so deep that Hillary is taking notes.

In the meantime, we’re going to sit back, sip some tea and wait for you to keep exposing yourselves as frauds. We’ll keep sipping that tea all the way to the ballot box in November.

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