The Case for Gay Republicans

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Gay Republicans are Real

Many on the Left gasp in horror when they meet Gay Republicans.  Somehow, being gay became synonymous with being a raging Liberal.

I’m not a raging Liberal.  In fact, I never have been. I flirted with the Left briefly after I “came out”, but I ended up running back to the Right once I realized I wasn’t obligated to be there.

This concept was simple for me to understand.  I didn’t agree with Liberals on anything aside from gay marriage, so why would I base my vote on a Democrat on one issue?

However, this is considered a cardinal sin in the LGBT world.

It doesn’t have to be.  Here’s why.

The LGBT Community Needs A Strong Economy Too

It’s pretty hard to U-Haul on the second date if you don’t have enough money to buy or rent a house.

Economic prosperity means you and your partner, regardless of what you “identify” as, will have the money to do the things you want to do.

Voting Democrat because you support LGBT rights, also means you’re voting for higher taxes, more government regulations, and weaker economies.

There are other policies that come along with your vote for the Left.

Your Democrat Congressman may support your right to change your gender on your driver’s license, but he also supports legislation that suffocates businesses.


If you can’t put food on your table, does it really matter what your license says?

It may to you, but you can’t employ thousands of people with your gender designation.

Open Borders are Bad for Everyone

Being gay does not mean you are obligated to save the world.

In fact, open borders is a terrible idea for the LGBT community because many of the people who want to flood here, punish gays in their native countries with the death penalty.

Allowing anyone to come here without vetting and due process puts our culture, our way of life and our government at risk.

If these people are unwilling to assimilate to American culture, they will bring their archaic beliefs with them.  They will elect people who represent those beliefs.  Those Representatives will influence legislation and ultimately, you.

Linda Sarsour, a prominent Muslim activist for the Democratic Party is vocally anti-Semitic and pro-Sharia Law.  For some reason, she is the poster child for Liberal tolerance and diversity.

However, if she were to get her way and Sharia Law ruled America; women would be oppressed, gays would be executed, and the LGBT community would be forced underground once again.

Ever wonder why there are no Muslims in the Republican Party?  Islam promotes traditional family structure, opposes abortion and much like the Christians, are devout to their God.  It would actually make MORE sense for the Muslims to run under a Republican ticket, right?

Wrong.  Their fundamental beliefs directly contradict American values and rule of law.

Nationalism does not always equal racism.  Racism does not always require Nationalism.

Promoting Nationalism means that you want the people of your country to be taken care of first.

If you’re gay, straight, black, white, Hispanic etc and are a citizen of this nation, that applies to you.

Embrace it.  Cherish it. Protect it.

The 2nd Amendment Applies to Everyone

Gay RepublicansThe LGBT was the victim of violence for many years. (Ironically, now it’s conservatives.)

Do you think if Matthew Shepherd had been armed that night in Wyoming, he would have been beaten to death?  Absolutely not.

Communities who arm themselves remove victimhood from their lives.

Buy a gun, learn how to use it and change the script of our story.  Being gay does not mean you have to be a victim, ever.

Everyone has the right to protect themselves.

Abortion is Murder

Last time I checked, gay people didn’t have to worry about unwanted pregnancy.

In fact, many gay and lesbian couples would gladly take any unwanted baby and raise them in a loving family.

Your sexuality does not mean you have to support someone else’s irresponsibility.

Life is precious and if you are a gay couple who have to pay thousands of dollars to build your family, you should protect it all costs.

If that doesn’t change your mind, watch a video of an abortion being performed.

It will break your heart, turn your stomach and traumatize you for life.

Finally, Gay Marriage is Settled

The Supreme Court ruled on gay marriage.  We’ve established the precedence and overturning it would be very difficult.  Justice Brett Kavanaugh confirmed this ruling during his confirmation process.

When pressed on the issue of Gay Marriage, he stated that the Supreme Court had already ruled on the treatment of homosexual people.

Gays for TrumpThe Republican Party has moved on, so should you.

In fact, almost all of the bigotry, homophobia, and hate I’ve experienced since I came out was from the Left.


You shouldn’t be.  The Democrats have a long and violent history of hate, racism, and discrimination.

It wasn’t until the 1950’s when they figured out the minority vote is a powerful tool.  They’ve been pushing the oppressed and victim platform ever since.

In reality, most Democrats opposed gay marriage for most of their careers. If you think they suddenly care about you now, I have a bridge to sell you.

Just Be An American

Ultimately, the Republican party doesn’t care your race, religion or orientation if you love and protect your country.

Take a look at what you stand for.  What you really stand for, not for what they tell you to stand for.  Are the Democrat solutions really what is best for yourself and this country?

Talk to a conservative or many.  How do they treat you?

Furthermore, disagree with a liberal.  See how they treat you.

We need to stop defining ourselves by singular issues like race, orientation or gender.  We are so much more than that and at the end of the day, you’re just as human as anyone else.  If you take the “gay” out of your identity for one minute, would you still vote the same?

It’s okay to identify with ALL the things that make you, you.  Stop allowing the Democratic Party to hold you hostage because of identity politics.

You deserve better.


The Gay Republican movement is growing stronger by the day.  We’re ready for you to join us.

Are you a Gay Republican and want to show your Pride and your Party?!  Check out the Closet on the Right Shop!


8 thoughts on “The Case for Gay Republicans

  1. John says:

    I’m asked all the time, how can you be gay and a Republican? Well let me be clear, I’m not a Republican. Yes, I do vote Republican the majority of the time. However, I refuse to be defined by what I am, or who I vote for. Being gay is what I am, not who I am. I vote for the candidate that best represents my ideals and principles, regardless of party affiliation. I choose to defy gay stereotypes, not exemplify them. My “lifestyle” in no way includes dressing up like a women, parading around in the streets nearly naked, and the only flag I wave is the stars and stripes. I don’t expect or demand anyone’s acceptance or approval. I don’t support gay rights, black rights, or women’s rights. I support and fight for human rights, because we all have equal rights. Our rights aren’t granted by government, they are inalienable and endowed by our creator. All of this makes me an outsider and an outcast yet I’ll happily wear my Scarlet Letter as a badge of honor. I would rather walk alone then follow a crowd going in the wrong direction.

  2. Maryalice Miano says:

    This was a great read. My sister and parter are gay….and democrats…cant get a word in about being Republican.
    They just tell me to stop drinking the cool aid

    • Lynzee Domanico says:

      Yes, that is a common argument from both sides I find. Historically speaking if you look at Democratic policies, socialism, open borders and gun bans; it usually ends badly. If your sister and her partner really believe that their leaders want to disarm and them and then have their best interests at heart; well I would ask what’s in their Kool-aid because I would love to have that kind of disassociative existence.

  3. Renee says:

    Lynzee I have just one word for you “privileged” and please now get yourself educated on politics and your world around you and turn off Fox News. Open borders means people are coming from other countries to take away our rights?? Seriously your own party is doing a bang up job of that already.

    • Lynzee Domanico says:

      I am educated on politics and the world around me. I pay attention and know the risks of open borders. Look at Europe, they’re a mess. Thank you for stopping and reinforcing why people should walkaway from your party though! Feel free to stop by any time and remind us. MAGA. 🙂

  4. Jay says:

    I am curious, have you read your own party’s official platform on homosexuality? They seek to overturn gay marriage; make it legal to discriminate against gay people; believe that adopted children should have a “mom and dad;” make it legal for parents to send their minor children to “conversion therapy;” among other things. And I am old enough to remember when the President of the United States would not utter the word AIDS. You may want the Republican Party, but being a gay person, it doesn’t want you.

    • Lynzee Domanico says:

      I’m sorry that you have this misconception about the Republican Party. There may be a few outliers that seek to overturn gay marriage, but there aren’t enough of them to be successful in that goal. I have never been discriminated against by anyone in my party and every single Republican clearly states that they do not care what I do in my personal life as it does not affect them. The party has evolved Jay. I think if you take the opportunity to speak to some Republicans you will find this to be true. I know Gay Republicans with hundreds of thousands of followers. I don’t allow the opinions of a few fringe religious zealots darken over my personal experience.

      Thank you for stopping by though. Have a great day. 🙂

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