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Understanding the Real Donald Trump pt. 3

Part Three

I invite anyone who is reading this series to consider that if we claim to be open-minded, we should consider views outside our own and not shut ourselves out from listening to those who differ from us.

If you can find the time, please read the whole series to get a fuller picture of the points I am making. Please do not just consider the words that I am stating in this series by themselves, but also the referenced videos in this article.

I have done extensive research and looked at all sides of all the significant arguments against Donald Trump. I have taken into consideration negatives and positives about Trump and come to the conclusion which I think best represents the truth.

Outrageous Allegations

Many have come forward to accuse Trump of sexual misconduct, so what should we make of this?

Trump GermaphobeAfter looking into these issues, what appears to me to be the case is that even though Trump may have some sexual problems, just like a lot of men, the worst of these allegations are false.

We can understand how one of these allegations is propaganda by considering an interview from 2005 between Larry King, Melania, and Trump. Trump said he didn’t like to leave his home because he didn’t want to venture out of Palm Beach where things aren’t clean.

So what does this have to do with false sexual allegations? Golden showers.

He made these statements long before any made allegations against him.

If we examine Trump and research outside of the media propaganda, we will find through many sources that Trump is a man of his word.  He’s been particularly trustworthy when it comes to campaign promises.

So with the accusations of golden showers, Trump is an admitted germaphobe so this seems a bit far fetched.

Media Bias

I would further assert that it is even possible that “grab her by the p***y remark” was never stated by him.

True, he did claim that he said it. However, he also said he was given a lousy microphone in the “Will you denounce” CNN interview, instead of stating outright that the video was doctored (discussed in Part One of this series), but I think I know why.

If he had exposed the truth that the system was altering video and audio, the media would have claimed that not only was he lying, but he was also making an outrageous claim that the mainstream media was doctoring video and audio.

Thus they would have two strikes against him, instead of one, in the eyes of the people that trust the mainstream media.

They could claim he was crazy, and being a crazy racist is even worse than just being a racist. I think Trump is smart enough to understand how the media was cornering him. He dealt with it in the most tactful way possible.

The Never Ending Witch Hunt

Trump Witch HuntAnd what about Russian meddling?  In addition to the fact that the left attempts to discredit Trump by any means possible, there are other strong points that the Russian meddling claim is a hoax.

I overheard a leftist on a phone conversation talking about the need to bring new life into the Democrat party to beat Trump.

I heard something similar on the radio, either NPR or CSPAN.  And this was after the Russian meddling claims!

So if it was the Russians who stole the election or Trump who colluded with the Russians to steal the election, then why would the left be scared about losing to Trump in the next election?

If the Russians stole the election, then clearly the mainstream polls tell the truth and Trump would have no chance of winning.

He’s a Threat to the Establishment

The fact is that the establishment knows that Trump is very popular (look at YouTube videos on Right Side Broadcasting of his rallies and see the size of the crowds).

But they want to convince the remaining knee-jerk leftists in the Democratic party that they are in the majority so that they can comfort their dwindling base and keep them in ignorance.

The establishment knows people are leaving the Democrats.  If that weren’t bad enough, people don’t like establishment Republicans either because Trump has exposed the establishment on the right and the left.

They will do anything to stop Trump because they are losing power.

#WalkAway is real. You think I’m a Russian bot? Think again.

The real truth is that the establishment is afraid because Trump is undoing their corrupt system.

That is why they are in full-on propaganda mode to take him down. I predict that for any election win Trump has in the future, the mainstream media will continue to make claims of election fraud.

The establishment will never stop criticizing Trump. If everything that the mainstream media says about Trump were true, then I think Trump would be a terrible president and a terrible person, who happened to have some significant accomplishments.

But the fact is that, as Trump says, “they are very dishonest people.”


I am not alone in thinking that Trump is the best president this country has ever had. And I would say most likely ever will have because he is the only person able to significantly undo the damage that the corrupt system has done over so many years.

I voted for Hillary in 2016. I am voting all Republican as long as Trump is in office and I am voting for Trump in 2020.

In the future, I hope I don’t have to face the decision of begrudgingly voting for another Romney, McCain, or Bush just because the left is so bad.

I am hoping that in 2024 and beyond, there will be non-establishment conservative candidates with solid principles that I can vote for and feel good about my decision.

I am on the non-establishment moderate-right, as is Trump and most of his supporters, not the far right as the propagandists would have you believe.

Count me as one of the people who is part of the red wave.

And the blue wave, too, waving goodbye to the Democratic party and the left.

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