The Counter to Constitutional Activity is Destruction

Well, that didn’t take long

The left is out with a response to the Kavanaugh confirmation to the Supreme Court, predictably filled with the political slurs and -isms we’ve come to expect. Along with unhinged rage and a call to burn it all down, if necessary.

Its unsavory and contradictory to the American experiment in self-government and the tenets of a free, liberty-loving and respecting tolerant society.

Alas, it is useful to know what your enemies are up to. Make no mistake about it, the left has fashioned themselves into the enemy of a responsible government that respects the rights of the people it exists to serve.

In summary:

Author, David Faris

The author has explained his logic with the following line, an attempt to describe Justice Kavanaugh’s self-defense (for which our good totalitarian author has no use for):

“A terrifying, puffed-up tirade punctuated with partisan bitterness and loony conspiracy theories.”


He goes on to use his revisionist history as a basis for what the radical left wants next; revenge by any means necessary. 

Indeed, McConnell’s hardball tactics and the Trump-era GOP’s open alliance with misogynist creeps and white nationals have achieved the seemingly impossible–they have obliterated the mythology of the Supreme Court as an ally of progress in the eyes of Democrats (but you give yourself away, sir!). Ripping away that mask opens the door to much more radical solutions…

(The author is about to give away his bottom line; a radical re-making of the American system to achieve permanent political power, as all totalitarians must.)


…including court packing, the admission of new Democratic-leaning states to the union, and a systematic new voting rights act. The key to all of these proposals is for Democrats to take power between now and 2021.”

Wait a minute!

Clearly, its all about power and control at all costs.

As if to leave no doubt, the closing line hammers it home.

“But despair often turns to rage, hopelessness into a thirst for vengeance, and a small spark into a raging inferno. Republicans just gave Democrats lighter fluid, a match, and a reason to not care about how many blocks of this democracy get burned down.”

You see, destruction of our republic is the end. Of course, we made them seek the means, already justified.

The radical left seeks to project their diseases on Republicans.

They simultaneously admit that their preferred path to enforce their progressive policy preferences on a nation of 350 million by judicial order of one is not only gone but a myth! (Since they can’t convince enough Americans to elect a majority and the executive is limited in what they can do by that “living, breathing” Constitution play-thing they hate so much, as evidenced by the simple overturning of executive orders)


Finally, they must blame Republicans for respecting due process.  By confirming a man with a mainstream judicial philosophy to the SCOTUS, they justify their desire to do what they want to do anyway.

They want to destroy the system that is and replace it with something else, something truly unAmerican.  A permanent hold on power from which there can be no escape.

They’re telling us what they’re going to do (again). Their plans are insidiously anti-American in nature–destroy free speech, destroy due process, destroy objective truth, destroy.

We’d do well to listen

Ultimately, the ballot box is our last and most effective recourse against this totalitarian enemy.

We simply must show up with friends, family, and acquaintances at the voting booths. We must put these totalitarians out of and/or further away from the power they so cravenly seek.

Now and repeatedly, until they are vanquished.

Our very way of life depends on it.

Let’s get busy.

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