Why Do People Love Donald Trump?

What is it about Donald Trump that people love so much?

Here’s the thing, I love our President.  I’m a Conservative so it makes sense for me to adore Donald Trump.  What I don’t understand is why so many, gays, blacks, women and other predominantly liberal people love about him.

What is it about Donald Trump that people love so much?

Considering how dedicated the media is to demonizing him, I’m surprised at how diverse his supporters are.  At The Closet on the Right, we have covered stories from very unlikely Trump supporters.

His approval among blacks is an astonishing 36%.  Yet, he’s considered “racist” by all on the Left.

The LGBT community is surprisingly behind Trump as well.  I myself belong to several Facebook groups dedicated to gays who support Trump.  However, according to most of the fear-mongering Left, Mike Pence was supposed to have us all in concentration camps by now.

So what is about our POTUS that has people looking past the Fake News media to form their opinion despite the pop culture consensus?

I went on a search for answers.  To find these answers I did two things:

  1. Asked our community what it is they love about Donald Trump and why they voted for him
  2. We went to a Trump rally to see for ourselves

What Made You Vote for Trump?

As you can see, we got a pretty decent response from the community (about 10% response rate).

Aside from the smart-asses, (I’m looking at you Jeremy Duke lol) the most popular answer was:

He’s not a politician who can be bought by Deep State lobbyists and special interest groups.

The next most popular answer was:

He’s not Hillary Clinton aka “Killary” aka “Hildabeast” etc.

There was also a strong common thread of his direct, “not PC” approach to politics.

The Takeaway?

What I was able to conclude from this is pretty simple.

Americans are tired of politicians and their games.  We strive for honesty, transparency and caring about our own citizens before we try to save the rest of the world.

Considering the strong opposition to Hillary Clinton, I think this just further proves the point.  Average Americans are tired of patronizing, dishonest career politicians.

Hillary Clinton is the epitome of corrupt, dishonest Deep State puppet masters and based on these answers; Americans would have voted for literally anyone over Hillary Clinton.  (Ouch)

What is it you love about Donald Trump?

Again, about the same response.  Many of the answers here echo what has been said from our interviews with Closeted Conservatives.

The overwhelming response on this post was economics.  People love Donald Trump’s economic policies like the tax cuts, renegotiating bad trade deals and implementing tariffs.

He’s no-nonsense! He doesn’t care how many people are against him. All he cares about is getting our country back on track. He’s willing to take the most vile abuse and slandering I’ve ever seen in my entire life. I knew he would not fail to accomplish every one of his promises. So far he has exceeded everything he said he would do. And remember all of this is with the constant vulgar harassment from the left, trying to undermine everything he does.- Kimberly Bogle

The Takeaway?

Donald Trump gets it done.  He loves his country, has a job to do and is keeping his promises.  Evidently, all of his supporters see this, listen to what the POTUS himself is saying and form their opinions from there.

Barack Obama’s vague and soft campaign slogan was “Hope and Change”.  Well, Mr. Obama, there was certainly a lot of change under your administration but none of it was good for America.  #sorrynotsorry

Donald Trump came in with a promise to Make America Great again and that is exactly what he’s doing.

There’s still more promises to be fulfilled that we are all anxiously awaiting.  I have no doubt that Trump will expose the Deep State criminals, Drain the Swamp and Build the Wall.

However, he can’t do this alone so we all need to show up in November and VOTE.

We Went to a Trump Rally

Trump Rally

I wasn’t really sure what to expect when we decided to go to the rally.  Obviously, we expected protestors to show up and maybe even Antifa to give everyone a hard time.

According to the media, the rally was going to be a bunch of angry, bitter and racist old white men.  What we found was actually the opposite.  Everyone was amazing at the rally.

The crowd was extremely diverse and we saw people from all walks of life there.  I was pleasantly surprised at how many Black, Asian and Latino supporters we saw.  I got an opportunity to interview a few of them before the crowd closed in on us and their sentiments were similar to what people told me above.

There were several speakers and each one of them proudly proclaimed that everyone was welcome.  (Yes I got it on video)

It doesn’t matter if you’re Black, Hispanic, Latino, Jewish or Christian, you are welcome!  We don’t care what color you are, what gender you are, what religion you practice or who you love, you are welcome here.

Mind you, CNN and MSNBC did not air this portion of the rally.  Trust me, I checked.  Luckily for all of you, I recorded the rally and uploaded it to our YouTube channel for your viewing pleasure.

There was no hate.  No name calling or disrespectful comments.  I was there with my wife, my daughter, and my Mormon in-laws.  Let me tell you, it was a blast and I highly recommend it.  No one cared that we are gay.  We left feeling energized, happy and hopeful.  We met some new friends and even saw some old ones there. If you have a chance to see our POTUS speak in person, go.

Final Thoughts

Seeing the real Donald Trump is very easy if you try.  Turn off the biased news and media.  Talk to a Trump supporter or watch him speak in person.

He’s not here to worry about your feelings.  He’s here to do a job he never needed to do.  Donald Trump is wealthy beyond my wildest dreams and could be lounging on a yacht in the Mediterranean somewhere enjoying his life’s work.  Instead, he’s working tirelessly for us.

People see it.  They see it in him.  We see it in the promises he’s kept.  We see it in how much the establishment wants to silence him.

Donald Trump is the antithesis of the corrupt network of politicians that are systematically dismantling our government.  People are tired of it.

We’re tired of being told what we can’t say and do.  This is America, the home of the free because of the brave.  We’re tired of being held hostage by the Left and their never-ending insanity.

We elected Donald Trump because is the only one who can right the ship.

Or in the words of CoTR member Magaman Trump:

We love him because he’s Donald Ef’n Trump.

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1 Response

  • I almost made the trip to see the President in Vegas, (I live over 400 miles to the north) but I didn’t and now am kicking myself that I missed the chance to meet you. (almost more than the chance to see our President!) But a 7 hour drive was just too much, especially since I wouldn’t be able to open carry there. (I open carry my S&W 357 everywhere I go, have ever since 2016) Probably just as well… if I had gone I probably wouldn’t have seen you anyway (large crowds are like that) and then kicked myself even harder that I was there and missed the chance!

    Yes, I have a little hero worship going on… it’s something I’m dealing with. :^Þ

    Regarding your post, I agree with your assessment. Most of the people I talk to that are with the President are so because he’s NOT a politician. They also like the fact that he says what he thinks. (and a lot of the time, what we’re ALL thinking and are just afraid to say out loud) On keeping promises he’s running 70-30… mostly happy but a lot of grumbling that we still don’t have major wall construction underway yet. It doesn’t matter that congress won’t authorize the expenditure… he gets the blame anyway. (the buck DOES in fact stop there, as they say)

    On the flip-side, the reason people I have talked to cite for DISLIKING the President are shallow insults and little else. “You elected a Cheeto!” or similar grade-school idiocy. Even the attempts at serious criticism involving “Tax cuts for the rich!” or his dismantling of the regulatory state (as though that’s a BAD thing) quickly devolve to ad hominem slurs of supposed racism, misogyny, homophobia, (leveled against the man that waved a giant RAINBOW FLAG at the RNC to thunderous applause no less) xenophobia, and baseless accusations of draft-dodging. (“President Bone-spur” is a favorite of that group)

    In the end the Pros have valid reasoning and thoughtful insight as to why they love the President and the Cons just have insults, hate, and wailing at the sky for the universe denying them their just and proper coronation of Empress Hillery which would prove to everyone that they were right all along and we’re all just a bunch of backwards, racist, sexist, homophobic, isolationists that should be rounded up and put in camps. (while claiming that is what we will do to them… because, well… they would do it to us if THEY had the chance!)

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