Understanding the Real Donald Trump Pt. 2

Keeping An Open Mind

I invite anyone who is reading this series to consider that if we claim to be open-minded, we should consider views outside our own and not shut ourselves out from listening to those who differ from us.

If you can find the time, please read the whole series to get a fuller picture of the points I am making. Do not just consider the words that I am stating in this series by themselves, but also the referenced videos in this article.

I have done extensive research and looked at all sides of all the significant arguments against Donald Trump. Therefore, I have taken into consideration the negatives and positives about Trump and come to the conclusion which I think best represents the truth.

Before the election, something happened to turn me away from Trump. The media reportedly saw Donald Trump’s father at a KKK rally. Although I was trying to consider all sides, the mainstream media had me convinced.

If Trump’s father was at a KKK rally, then they must be alt-right. His father passed down the worst kind of racism to him. I could not support a KKK sympathizer. Even though I agreed with so many of his policies, I could not support him because of this and voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016.

However, being an open-minded person, I continued to research.

I then found out that Trump has spoken against white supremacy ever since he has been a public figure.

Fake Racist News

I also found out that there is technology to alter videos and alter the audio. It exists today and is available to the public, although someone told me that it is not fool-proof and doctoring can be detected.

Although I cannot verify this, I believe the powers that be only released the less advanced software for public use.  Thereby keeping the more advanced version for their own use.  I don’t have inside knowledge that there is software available to the system that is better than the software open to the public. However, my basic argument is this:

That CNN video was a doctored video because does anyone really believe that a presidential candidate or president knowing that he has to win the people’s vote would actually refuse to denounce the KKK to millions of Americans on T.V.?  Does anyone really believe that the KKK is that popular?

Honestly, if you think that refusing to denounce David Duke and the KKK is something even a racist political candidate would do publicly I believe you have lost your mind.

Sure, you can call a woman a fat pig if she had insulted you. The concept is, if you throw a punch at me, I will punch back. That is not a statement against women, that is an insult against a single person.

You can make other such statements to rile up part of the base in the primaries as being a person who speaks his mind and is not “politically correct.” But how can anyone possibly think that a politician would publicly refuse to denounce the KKK when asked that question?

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

There is nothing that hurt Trump’s popularity more than Richard Spencer and all these lies about Nazi sympathizing and white supremacy ties.

To this day, I don’t think there is anything that hurts Trump’s image more than the claims of racism.

I do not even believe that the election meddling claims are as detrimental to Trump’s image as the claims of being a KKK and neo-Nazi sympathizer. Trump knows this. Furthermore, more importantly, he’s not a racist, and those are two reasons he has denounced the KKK, fascism, neo-Nazis, and hate groups over and over again, including at his rallies.

If he wasn’t sincere about this, how do you explain the records going as far back  Donald Trump prove that he was denouncing the KKK?

The Black Community

Why would he call for a meeting with inner-city pastors, mostly black, to talk about issues in the black community.

Why would he introduce a policy to give ex-prisoners a second chance when finding work, which is specifically targeted to help blacks?

Are these the actions of a KKK sympathizer? That, combined with his work with black wall street before his presidency, which Jesse Jackson praised him. Bringing manufacturing jobs back to this country so that black unemployment is at an all-time low, is more than any previous president, even Obama, ever did for the black community.

There are many blacks supporting Trump, including Dr. Martin Luther King’s niece. Yet you have people like Spike Lee claiming that Trump never disavowed the KKK, which is either total ignorance or an outright lie.

Now, even if we examine some of Trump’s statements and actions outside of the sound bites, we could be led to believe that Trump is still a racist. For example, Trump did speak honorably about Andrew Jackson, a Democrat who was a slave owner. However, he was praising Jackson for saving the Republic’s very existence, not for owning slaves.

We have to balance this out further by considering that Trump condemned the Democrat party for being the party which originated slavery and that he also praised Lincoln. Trump’s speaking honorably about Jackson can be likened to somebody speaking honorably about Washington for being the first president and a founding father. Making such a statement does not mean that the person supports slavery.

His Supporters

One may also bring up the criticism that Trump’s cabinet is made up of mostly whites. In all fairness, it is legitimate to raise this point.

Why is Trump’s cabinet so white?

I do not know for sure, and I think there must be a valid explanation other than Trump is a racist. Trump has a history of reaching out to blacks and getting along with people from all walks of life. Issues of Trump being prejudice were non-existent before his run for the presidency.

Based on Trump’s history, that possibly this, along with his praise of Andrew Jackson and having Steve Bannon in his cabinet (before he fired him), is part of a strategy to trick bigoted people into thinking he is one of them to get their support and then reach out to people whom those very bigots would reject.

He fooled the bigots into believing that he is one of them, so they became passionate about him.

Then he spoke out against racism and hate at his rallies. He exposed Steve Bannon as “sloppy Steve” for handing an election to the Democrats. Finally, stating that he didn’t trust Bannon since early on and delivered to the black community, and by doing so, he may have convinced some of them to be more open-minded people through his charisma.

Trump Supportors=Bigots?

Remember, the Trump supporters, both the vast majority who are not bigots and a small minority who are bigots, are not watching a lot of mainstream news. They are seeing Trump speak out against racism and hatred, unlike the people living in the bubble of the mainstream media.

Now, I admit, I do see some bigotry among the right. However, it is not nearly as widespread as the left claims.

And here is a vital point to consider:

We have no way to confirm how much of this bigotry is coming from people who support Trump. How much of it is Democrats and leftists with an agenda who are pretending to be Trump supporters to give Trump a lousy name?

Hypocrisy from the Left

The left has their own flavors of bigotry.  They target the least “oppressed” communities with their deep-seeded hatred.  Mostly straight white males, and more specifically, Trump supporters.

Furthermore, what favoritism they extend to a person of an oppressed minority group completely vanishes the moment they find out the person supports Trump.

The Left is so ignorant; they think that anyone who supports Trump is a racist, sexist, homophobe, and a bigot. Therefore they feel that their hatred is entirely justified.

Women for TrumpNow the left is talking about how Trump is so divisive, but I would argue that the contrary is true.

It is very important to note that the Republican party has become more inclusive since Trump. More demographics previously considered to be leftist strongholds have joined the Trump movement in larger numbers since Trump ran for president.

The evidence that Trump is inclusive to people of all walks of life is clear to anyone who watched the Republican National Convention. This Republican National Convention was very welcome and inclusive to minority groups and women.

It set the tone for a new kind of Republican party. I noticed further evidence of the inclusiveness of the modern Republican Party by listening to call-ins on CSPAN where many blacks and ex-Democrats talked about switching to Republican.

And let us not ignore how more gays and lesbians are finding a place in the Republican party because they know that the ideologies of radical Islam are a much more significant threat to them than a Christian refusing to bake a cake.

And regarding blacks, the truth is Trump has sincerely kept his promise about delivering for urban America. According to all pre-election evidence of Donald Trump, which is the evidence that pre-dated the propaganda, we must understand that this is the real Trump.

The Establishment Wants Him Gone

Recently I heard Obama give a speech where he talked about tolerating people of other opinions, and in the same speech continued to blame Trump for white supremacy.

I can forgive the politically ignorant who buy into the mainstream news’s propaganda, but I cannot forgive people like Obama, McCain, the Bush’s, the Clintons. Or even lower level people who are conspiring to support their system and are in on their knowledge because they are knowingly misleading people by supporting a corrupt system and putting the name of a highly honorable, good, decent man and his family in the dirt to keep their corrupt system in place.

Even Donald Trump’s son Barron has been bullied at school because of the mainstream media’s lies about his father. There is no accusation more awful than to claim that a person sympathizes with people who lynch someone because of the color of their skin or put people in gas chambers to die because of race or religion, or for that matter, any other reason.

Anyone who has researched Donald Trump’s history before the recent propaganda started can see that these claims of bigotry are lies. Even if someone were to play devil’s advocate and think that Trump might be for the KKK, it still wouldn’t make any sense for a politician to not publicly denounce the KKK.

Couple that with all the countless times, dating back to when Trump became a public figure, of Trump condemning the KKK, proves that the mainstream media is just a propaganda machine aimed at spreading lies to take Trump down.

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