Donald Trump

Understanding the Real Donald Trump [Part 1]

I Urge You to Read with an Open Mind

I invite anyone who is reading this series to consider that if we claim to be open minded we should consider views outside our own and not shut ourselves out from listening to those who differ from us.

If you can find the time, please read the whole series to get a fuller picture of the points I am making. Please do not just consider the words that I am stating in this series by themselves, but also the referenced videos in this series.

I have done extensive research and looked at all sides of all the major arguments against Donald Trump. I have taken into consideration the negatives and positives about Trump and come to the conclusion which I think best represents the truth.

My Background

I was raised in a very left-leaning household. My mother has been a staunch Democrat all her life and my father has been a staunch left-winger who begrudgingly voted Democrat election after election.

Practically all of the rest of my family, extending to cousins, uncles, and aunts on my father’s and mother’s side, are all leftists. I grew up in a small liberal arts college town. A bubble within Ohio, where the vast majority of the population is on the left.


I voted for Ralph Nader in the year 2000, then became a staunch voter for Democrats year after year. Even though the Green party was better, in my opinion, they didn’t stand a chance of winning, so I thought it was better to vote for somebody who had a chance of winning.


After voting for Democrats election after election, at a certain point, I started to do some research I began to understand that a lot of what the right was saying was true. For example:

Passing laws to restrict the number of bullets in guns means that someone wanting to defend themselves has less of a chance to defend themselves from a home intruder. Lowering the corporate income tax means bringing more jobs to our country. Business owners are not all evil greedy corporate scumbags but create jobs and often times give charity.


Even after understanding these points, I didn’t quite trust politicians like Romney or George W. Bush even though I aligned more with the right than the left.

Finally, Trump came along and at the time of the primaries, I supported Carly Fiorina. Maybe it is because since I was raised a leftist, I was thinking that by saying I supported a female, my parents would be more accepting of me being a conservative.

Trump seemed to me to be a bigot, so I discounted him.

Discovering the Truth about Donald Trump

But then I did some research. I searched for Trump on YouTube and found interviews with him dating back to the 1980’s.

The Trump I saw back then was a much calmer, nicer, reasonable person than what I saw on television portrayed by the mainstream media nowadays, after him seeking election. Quickly, I began to put two and two together.

Upon doing more research, I found out that although the media was claiming that Trump was against all immigrants. Trump actually was stating that he was against allowing people to come into our country illegally. He didn’t say all Mexicans were rapists and criminals. What he was saying was that many of the illegals are and although some of them may be good people, we can’t just let people come into our country without vetting them.

It is common sense that someone who plays by the rules to come into the country is going to be more likely to be an honorable person who avoids committing violent crime than someone who comes in illegally.

He stated that he wants people to come in, but legally, and we should have a merit-based system, not just let anyone stay here that breaks the law by entering our country. So what the media did with the comment about Mexicans, I found, is they intentionally clipped the most “offensive” parts of Trump’s words and left out the “nice” parts to spin his words as sound bites.


This was no mistake on their part, it was intentional propaganda, and it was only the beginning.

Donald Trump and the Economy

I found out that Trump wanted to stand up for the economy by breaking up unfair trade deals like NAFTA and the TPP.

One of the issues I thought previous Republicans, as well as Democrat Bill Clinton, and Democrat Obama, who lied about being against NAFTA to get elected, had been wrong about. If Obama lied about being against NAFTA and Bill Clinton got NAFTA passed, how could we possibly believe that Hillary would keep her promise to withdraw from the TPP?

Fast forward to after the election and we find Trump was telling the truth in the debate against Hillary. He withdrew us from the TPP and is now renegotiating NAFTA to make it fair. Interesting how the media swept that under the rug.


Intentionally ignoring this great accomplishment of Trump is more proof that these media outlets are part of a propaganda machine. Now Trump is:

  • Building a wall
  • Helping inner-city blacks
  • Lowered the corporate income tax
  • Cut taxes across the board
  • Withdrew us from the terrible Iran deal.

He said he would either withdraw us from NAFTA or renegotiate it.

Trump has kept all of these promises as well as others.


Our author has chosen to remain anonymous due to the political affiliations of his friends and family.  The Closet on the Right offers our anonymous forum The Voice Behind the Door for any of our community members who wish to speak anonymously. 

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  • Thank you for this post on Donald Trump and I look forward to more in the series. As an immigrant from Canada (legal) I knew first hand that all the celebrities raging they would ‘leave for Canada’ if Trump was elected, wouldn’t last a month there. Celeb demands for free education and healthcare for all are in reality rationed resources that all pay dearly for with very high taxes. Socialized medicine and education do not mean that you will get any and all healthcare you may want/need and that you can go to University to study whatever/whenever you want for free. I work in healthcare and got my degree in Canada. I was one of 600 who applied for 100 seats in my class. Where did the other 500 go? They were shut out but they had the honor of subsidizing my education through their taxes. All the rejects had to figure it out, do something else with their lives. Alternately, in the US there is a huge variety of schools to attend. Of course some schools cost more than others but you can be resourceful and despite rejection from one school you will still get in somewhere! Donald Trump was a breath of fresh air for me, I didn’t mind his rough edges or lack of political correctness. I appreciated his willingness to address issues with blunt honesty. I looked at him and thought, wow here is a guy with billions who could just golf and enjoy luxury for the rest of his life and he is willing to endure hell to try and make a difference. After 8 long years of Obama’s message that America was shameful and racist I was starting to see the negative impact daily especially at work. I live in a very liberal city, Seattle, and teachers were wearing BLM t shirts to work and telling children society was racist. I was very afraid of how my community was changing and then along comes a man who I knew didn’t have a racist bone in this body. He wasn’t affiliated with any special interest groups had no hidden agenda. Shazam! a TV reality star was actually giving me hope that society could do a 180 and we could all come together to enjoy the great bounty that only exists in America. I found myself watching his rally’s and having actual hope! Two years in and I am amazed that this man has been able to endure every obstacle that has been placed in his way. Any one of the celebs that promised to flee wouldn’t last a day in his shoes, hell they would be booking the first private jet back to America when they found out they couldn’t deliver their baby in an ultra private posh hospital room. MAGA 2020!

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