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Breaking: Obama Approved Sleep Aid “Barry Awake™”[Satire]

Obama Approved Sleep Aid: Barry Awake™

That’s right folks. You read it correctly! There is a new sleep aid on the market and it is President Trump approved! It’s called, “Barry Awake” (kind of like “Barely Awake”).

Not only is it effective at making you fall asleep, it’s free! All you have to do is go on YouTube and watch Obama’s recent speech addressed towards students in Illinois, and magically you’ll fall asleep. Easy as that! Trump tried it, and see how he felt afterward:

Just be careful! If you have recently taken the drug mentioned on this site, Conservitol, you may experience some rather uncomfortable symptoms. Such as:

Headaches, migraines, constant squinting in disappointment, shaking of the head, constant sighing (due to severe frustration), yelling at your TV, and leaving handprints on your face via overdosing on facepalms.

Be sure not to take more than is prescribed. Overdosing could result in rapid IQ loss and or becoming…a liberal…dun, Dun, DUN!

So, what are you waiting for? Try the new sleeping aid!


Seriously, though….

Jokes aside. This is the first time Obama has directly mentioned Trump’s name during a speech after his fairytale presidency. Of course,  he has indirectly mentioned Trump plenty of times though.

He has claimed in numerous cases that it is not presidential for an ex-president to call out the current president by name with a tirade of insults.

Yet here he is, doing just that! Oh, Barry, how hypocritical art thou?

Obama is heard in his speech taking claim over Trump’s effective and booming economy. Borderline crying because he knows his socialist policies have failed (and stole from) millions of Americans. Surprise! Socialism, in fact, fails every time! Who knew?

Obama, in addition, has spoken recently in California. Liberal Mecca as it is known. In a city near Gomorrah…err I mean LA, called Anaheim.

Get this! He said this November’s midterm elections would give Americans “a chance to restore sanity in our politics.” Umm, what?!

Oh! It gets better!

He also said, “If we don’t step up, things can get worse…” umm, worse than a booming economy, lowest unemployment rate (more jobs than there are people), lowest black unemployment, jobs and factories coming back to America, tax breaks (which I personally have had a lovely experience with), reversing horrible deals made in the fairytale presidency previously…need I dare go on?

Oh yes, the absolute horror that is going on! We must reverse it, or else people will begin waking up and realizing that Republicans (or just conservatives in general) are actually doing good for our country.

How dare capitalism actually work and uproot the deeply rooted weeds of crippling socialism. Thus making America’s garden great again!

Just keep in mind that Obama is just doing this for election sake. He’s a paid shill for a bigger cause, and that cause is very dangerous (as we have seen before). Draining the swamp can’t come any sooner.

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