“Overwhelm the System” Finds a New Target: YOU

The Cloward-Piven Media Strategy

Mainstream Media LiesThe goal of the ideological protectorate shock troops who (modestly) call themselves the “mainstream media” (MSM) is to saturate all media platforms with negative stories, real or fabricated, on President Trump and his administration.

The idea is to assault the American people with a daily drumbeat, sometimes numerous items daily, to overwhelm the electorate, to tire us out in the hopes of making it all go away by producing a “blue wave” election.

This would hand the House to police state tyrants, so they can continue their assault on a duly-elected President from within the Congress via unfounded impeachment proceedings, investigations, and a return of an old Democrat Party favorite (so long as they’re doing it), gridlock.

We’ve seen this before.

History remembers the Cloward/Piven strategy, a plan to overwhelm the system in 1970’s New York City, where organizers “hired militant foot soldiers to storm welfare offices around the country, violently demanding their “rights.”

According to a City Journal article by Sol Stern, welfare rolls increased from 4.3 million to 10.8 million by the mid-1970s…resulting in the city declaring bankruptcy.”

The Cloward-Piven strategy is a method of forcing political change through orchestrated crisis.

The plan’s model was employed as recently (and successfully) as though the Obama administrations’ simultaneous multiple front assaults on the US Constitution, the branches of government themselves, its instrumentalities and processes, societal mores and norms, etc. under the rubric of “fundamental transformation”.There was a wide assumption the baton would be passed to Hillary Clinton to continue this assault on the republic.

The failure to enshrine his successor was a stunning blow to the progressive project, its grandees, and aspiring employees.

This could not pass. Trump must be removed, his voters must be demonized to prevent the people from having the gall to choose “wrong” again.

We’re Fighting a Battle for the Ages

There are those that have waged the trench warfare battles and know it’s coming again.The former assistant to Attorney General Edwin Meese (under Reagan), Constitutional lawyer, author, and radio host Mark Levin is one of those people.

On the day after the election, he offered the following unsolicited advice to the newly elected President:

“Let me tell you what the Democrats mean to do to you, Mr. Trump. They intend to sabotage you. They intend to sabotage you every step of the way and then blame you. They will criminalize the politics around you, and they’re good at it. They will try and impeach you.
Trust me when I tell you this is their agenda.
“They are vicious, they are ideologues, they have a Soviet-style mentality. They will not allow an election to get in their way.”

Its hard to argue that’s not exactly what’s taking place.As if on cue, the MSM responded, beginning their Cloward-Piven style attack almost immediately. There would be no “honeymoon” for this president.

Relentless Attacks

They have fuelled this effort since before President Trump was even inaugurated with talk of abolishing the electoral college, questioning his mental fitness and pushing an irrelevant 25th Amendment route for removal. Being principle participants in the Russian collusion fantasy, encouraging and fomenting “the resistance” through insubordinate individuals within the government (Sally Yates, anyone?).  Useful idiots outside of it, initiating endless talk of supposed impropriety, attempts to criminalize political acts, promoting endless impeachment discussion, propping up and championing socialism and socialist candidates, etc, etc, ad nauseum.

Fast forward to the last two weeks, where this effort kicked into another gear, through this *well-timed* sequence of events, just two months prior to mid-term elections:

– The disgusting display of two funerals/media eulogies used as political tools

– NYT op-ed from anonymous “senior official” trashing the President, from within, concocting a “news story” and narrative as others pivot to report on an opinion as evidence of chaos.

– The release of Bob Woodward’s latest novel, posing as a journalistic endeavor on virtually the same day doing the same, complete with unverified, anonymous sourcing

– SCOTUS confirmation hearing turned clown show, complete with Booker’s failed stunt, delaying tactics, and even a late-stage”Me too” attack on Judge Kavanaugh (40 years later), a man who has had no less than 6 FBI background checks and a prior Senate confirmation for the DC district court without a word of it.

To add intellectual insult to injury, an attempt to re-litigate Puerto Rico hurricane response just as Hurricane Florence had the Carolinas in her sights, along with an attempt to link President Trump to a weather event

RINOs Contribute as Well

All of this is a creation of media who, along with the aid and comfort provided by “Never-Trump” mouthpieces of the pseudo-right Republican establishment, do not report, but propagandize on behalf of Democrats and their agenda.

Fake NewsThis will undoubtedly be followed by more of the same in increasing volume, complete with the spin of an “unhinged, isolated” President for simply defending himself against a never-ending cavalcade of falsehoods and allegations.

They sabotage a President and the republic he leads and safeguards, then “report” on how difficult a time he’s having, attempting to overwhelm the electorate with negativity.

Naturally, the same Democrats and their members with bylines (hat tip: Michael Walsh) who were rejected at the ballot box for their failures and increasing radicalism are now sold as the solution to this manufactured crisis, even as they politicize solemn remembrance, weaponize a “free press”, demonstrate increasingly radical, juvenile behavior in our Congress, politicize human crises in the wake of natural disaster, and try to make the president an “unindicted co-conspirator” with natural phenomena.

This will continue to escalate, showing the true nature of the left. They will burn it down before seeing their plans and agendas dashed and exposed through the successful presidency of Donald Trump. Their enemy is not just him, but us–the people–who spurned them.

It’s a purposeful strategy to overwhelm and dispirit all of us. Don’t fall for it.


This week’s guest post is Scott Kormanyos a Closet on the Right Community Member.

Scoot Kormanyos

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