Exposure, Experience, and Expectations


Lately, there have been a lot of people being disappointed and walking with anger, depression, and anxiety. Many times, the cause of these things have a very simple explanation. There are three steps to it.




The first is what have we been exposed too. An example is a person raised in a democratic home by democratic parents.

In most cases, these people will be democrats simply because their parents are and the people they are around are as well. Many go their entire lives without ever questioning,

“Why are my parents and I voting this way?” Those that do tend to start doing their own research and are shocked by what they find. The media only tells half the truth and manipulate it to fit what they want people to think.



The next is a personal experience.

People tend to vote for very selfish reasons these days. How much money do I make when Democrats are in office or Republicans are in office without one thought of what is best for the country.

Sadly, the majority of people today on both sides of the aisle don’t care what is best for the country. I will say the Democrats seem to be bent on totally destroying the U.S. and all it stands for because of their experiences or perceived experiences.

What I mean is when a parent tells a child the same thing over and over for years it becomes right in the child’s mind even though it is not an actual experience of the child. I have heard and read many testimonies of people being raised in a Democrat home and voting democrat because that is what they were taught. Someone else’s experience but the child’s actions.




Lastly, we vote and live on expectations and this always gets us disappointed. What I mean is when President Trump was elected he had made a number of promises.

Unlike most politicians, he has made good on many of them and seems to be trying to make good on the rest.

We expect that of people. When we are told someone will do this or that we expect the follow through but when they don’t follow through we get disappointed and angry because our time has been wasted or whatever we tell people.

The real reason is our expectation was not met and it upsets us so we act out in anger or some other way.

How Do We Change It?

The only way these things change is we decide we don’t know it all and our personal view is not always right even though it fits into our exposure, experience, and expectations.

This is where the debate comes in because without hearing or reading someone else’s viewpoint that disagrees with us we will never learn anything other than what pour limited viewpoint allows.

Many today are not able to debate with logic and facts because they do not take the time to educate themselves on the things that are important to them.

Instead, they listen to the media and those on social media who agree with them and believe everything they are told is true. Sadly, 75% or more of it is made up or at best half true. (This is a generous guess).

Get outside your Exposure, experience, and expectations and learn something new today even if you still disagree with it you will be able to better understand why someone believes what they do.

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