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How Do We Get Away From All This Anger


In today’s society that is so focused on division and #metoo there is a lot that makes people angry, myself included.


I could sit here and site act after act and choice after choice that, in my opinion, should make everyone mad. However,  that does nothing but add to the anger and misery that already exists.


So how do we get away from all this anger and make an environment to be able to openly discuss our differences and allow others to believe whatever they choose?

Pay Someone a Compliment

Pay someone a compliment.

I know of no one who has done absolutely nothing good in their lives, even if it is taken out the garbage or check the mail.

It is very easy to find the negative things because they are being shouted from the rooftops. I have done it and I dare say the majority of us have at least wanted too if we have not done so.

Sometimes we have to be intentional about seeing the positives in people. An example, those who disagree with you are doing so from a heartfelt place that they truly believe and that is something worth complimenting.



As a minister, there are many things in this world that I don’t like and totally disagree with.

As an Army veteran, I agreed to give my life in defense of those who hold those opinions so they can keep holding them.

That is the awesome thing about America. We can love people we disagree with and we can show kindness and yes even compliment someone we think is wrong.

So, if you sincerely want to start a conversation with someone based on things you fundamentally disagree with then try complimenting them first instead of just telling them how wrong they are.

Will it work 100% of the time? No, but it does work more often than telling people they are wrong up front.

So compliment someone and have a real discussion with them.

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