CoTR Member Gets Doxxed for Being Conservative


Doxxed: A Definition

Getting “Doxxed” is something that started with the Hackivist group Anonymous. It is also something that WikiLeaks started doing as well they started publishing leaked confidential or top secret information.  Once other activist groups noticed this was an effective method of publicly shaming their targets, it became common practice for activists.

And so started the trend of doxxing people you don’t agree with you. (The horror)

Doxxed DefinitionAlright, so let first establish what doxxing is.

That right there says it all.  The act of publishing private information for malicious intent.

Doxxing has become so common; there are many online articles advising you on how to prevent it.

There are even articles detailing how it can quickly ruin your life.  I mean, duh.  Someone publishing your personal information online in an attempt to shame and discredit you is scary stuff!


So imagine my surprise when a CoTR member emailed me to tell me how he was getting doxxed at work!


Thought Police Hard at Work

I’ve noticed an alarming trend with left-leaning organizations and their people:

They feel a societal obligation to to state their opinion even if it’s unrelevant and not even asked for.  They also feel obligated to act as thought police as if to save the rest of society from something they have decided is offensive.

At the Closet on the Right, we actually respect someone’s privacy so we will refer to our member as “G.”

Thought PoliceOn Wednesday, as G arrived at work, his boss notified him he received an anonymous letter.   That’s right; he received a 12-page letter with screenshots of G’s Facebook posts with big, bold notes.

Each screenshot was aggressively labeled with “LIE,” “BIAS” and “FALSE.”

According to the anonymous Thought Police, since G works in a government court setting, he is supposed to remain unbiased.

Oooooook. If G were a Judge or even an attorney, sure, it would probably be wise not to broadcast political opinions.

However, G is merely supporting staff.

His job in no way affects the outcome of cases so any bias or opinions he holds are irrelevant.

The fact that someone took the time to screenshot, print, look up the address and mail in this information is appalling by itself.  Cmon now, seriously?!?!


Liberal Logic

Once again we gain a lot of insight into the mind of liberal.

This person legitimately thinks it’s his/her obligation to not only silence G but to publicly shame him in the process.

As if right out of the liberal handbook:

Disagree with someone? see pg. 5

Page 5.  Identify target.  Commit character assassination and make every attempt to destroy his life.  (It’s their fault for not agreeing with you.  THEY DESERVE IT)

The Left is actively waging war on Free Speech and the exchange of ideas.  Not only do they work together in groups to take down opponents (I’m looking at you Senator Feinstein and Chuck Schumer),  but individually they have tasked themselves with this mission as well.

No matter how reasonable your argument is, no matter how many facts you have, a discussion is not an option. Anyone not agreeing with them is a threat and is considered the enemy.  As a result, the Left can smear and attack anyone based on this logic.

As we can see, they are willing to eliminate free thought by any means necessary.

A Word From G

Dear Anonymous,

I get that you disagree with me. I hold zero animus to you, even if I knew who you are, and I think I do. People will disagree with things, I had a disagreement last week with a friend, she didn’t like the article I shared because of X, I didn’t see X. But that is what happens, no one agrees with everything everyone says unless you’re in a prison/convict setting.


If there is something you want to tell me, please, just tell me. Here, on the FB instant messenger, call, email, or a really crazy thought, block me. You don’t need to read what I’m posting, I won’t be hurt if you’ve hit that unfollow or block button.


Instead the implied threat that, should I not remove the “offending” posts or delete my entire account, since you will be watching, that further letters will be forthcoming. I have a fan……oooohhhhh….. ahem, sorry. Let’s follow through with that.


On a given day I look at FB a few minutes in the morning, scrolling through a bit at maybe 20 posts. I usually then go on to play my games, then to work. During the day I might look at some posts while I have downtime in, well, I do wash my hands afterward. When I get home I go through a few more than that. However, I do not live my life on FB. I see some things that are amusing, maybe a good point here or there, something I think is important to pass along. Usually so much has passed me by on my timeline it’s hard to keep up. I actually wasn’t sure if what I’m posting is even read, so thank you for the encouragement there.


Now, you are not liking some of the material I am forwarding. Therefore you feel the need to send further letters to my work because you are concerned as a citizen that somewhere that’s over 2,200 miles might have a problem with an employee with a bias problem? I’m sure you are concerned with all the courts around the U.S., scouring every FB users’ account looking with equal scrutiny for Anti-Trump or pro-Democrat policies. I would love to see those letters, please do forward them here.


Let’s continue with the line of thought here. I am going to continue to post what I want to post, whether it meets your approval or not is not my concern. Which you’re probably going to object and send further letters to my work, in the hopes of what exactly? To have me fired? It will be an annoyance, but I’ll get another job. However, the at-most-stretching up to an hour I spend on FB will then become all day on FB, sending hundreds or maybe thousands of posts from all sorts of websites.


So I leave it up to you.

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