Nike Meme Compilation

Mike Tyson Nike Meme

Nike Commits PR Suicide

On Monday, Nike announced that Colin Kaepernick would be the new face of their “Just Do It” campaign.  The now infamous Nike Meme states,

Believe in something, even if it means sacrificing everything.

Ugh.  Ok, I can’t even with that statement.

This obviously set the internet on fire and reignited the controversy of pro/anti kneeling.

We’ve covered this topic before, so we’re not going to go into all that again.  I think everyone knows how we feel about Colin HACKernick and his horrible football “career”.

Nope.  Instead, we are going to bring you the amazing product of this whole mess.  The internet did not disappoint once again with this meme battle.  Here are the best ones so far.  You’re welcome.

Nike Meme Compilation

Nike Meme
The Original (Barf)

Pat Tillman Nike Meme



Now here we have an actual hero and this was the first Nike meme to come out after the announcement.  Obviously, Nike missed the concept of “sacrifice everything”.  That’s ok.  We’re here to remind you Nike.


Trump Nike Meme

Another favorite.  This man is sacrificing his billionaire posh lifestyle to work for free and get attacked all day every day.  But I digress.  Moving on.

Soldier Nike MemeFlag Nike Meme#WalkAway Nike Meme

The “Ouch Ones”


Castro Nike Meme

This is Kaepernick’s hero after all, right?

Seems only fitting that we add him in here.

And Nike did lose $4 BILLION in ONE day after their announcement.

No wonder Colin hates capitalism so much!  People can’t be forced into buying his nonsense like the dictator he strives to be.


Hillary Nike MemeAlex Jones Nike MemeBernie Nike Meme Obama Nike Meme Democrats Nike Meme Pelosi Nike Meme Jesus Nike Meme

Some of these just sting with truth!!

The “Funny Ones”

Mommy Dearest Nike MemeMike Tyson Nike MemeGonzo Nike Meme

Thano Nike MemeWaterboy Nike Meme Nike Meme hijab Nike Meme Ron Howard Nike Meme Snoop Nike Meme Air Force Nike Meme Lewinsky Nike Meme Storm Trooper Nike Meme General Nike Meme Kevin Hart Nike Mame Shapiro Nike Meme Office Space Nike Meme Sandlot Nike Meme

Which is your favorite Nike meme?  Have one we missed?  Send it on over!  I have a feeling this list will keep growing.

3 thoughts on “Nike Meme Compilation

  1. RobertaME says:

    My favorite has to be the first… it makes me nearly cry every time I see REAL sacrifice compared to the virtue signaling “sacrifice” of getting a multi-million dollar contract for sitting on your butt and disrespecting everything that keeps this country free. (you know, those old-fashioned ideas like justice, truth, patriotism, not taking a dump all over the very symbol of the freedom you enjoy… those sorts of things)

    Sacrifice literally means “to make holy”. I doubt anyone who disrespects our One Nation Under God so venomously even understands what holy means.

  2. Marc Pascucci says:

    Hi Lynzee
    I just watched your first and second #walkaway youtube videos and came away extremely impressed by your truth, courage and strength. You said that you had to go through a lot of pain and the associated fears that come with the kind of challenges you’ve faced in your life by tackling them head on. I’m going to become a regular visitor to your website and I’m looking forward to reading about your continuing journey in the #walkaway movement. I wish you and your family much happiness and great health in the coming years!

    Best regards,

    Marc Pascucci
    Boston, MA

    • Lynzee Domanico says:

      Welcome Marc!! Thank you so much for your support. Hopefully, you will find insightful, honest and fun content here. I am doing regular videos and I am writing articles as well as a few of other writers we have added to the team! We also love when our subscribers write their own articles and submit them so if you are feeling like you want to contribute, we would love to publish your own article!

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