About The Closet on the Right

All too often, the opposition is attacking Conservatives for their beliefs.

Sadly, it happens almost daily that another story of someone wearing a Maga hat or vocally supporting or President gets assaulted.

Best case scenario: You get some vile, hateful and disgusting threats or insults thrown at you.

Worst case scenario: They hit you with a bike lock and end up in the hospital.

Thus, as we see the temperature raising across the country, more people slowly sneak into what I now call: The Conservative Closet.

The censoring, bias, and double-standard existing between liberals and conservatives are appalling.  Conservatives are routinely blocked, banned and censored on social media for simply voicing their opinions.  However, when a liberal user blatantly violates the terms of service by using threats of violence, prohibited images, and hate speech; they do nothing.

We have seen this happen so many times that it’s nauseating how blatant the bias is.


We Face Public Harassment and Assault

The discrimination doesn’t simply stop there, though.  Now, they are stalking, harassing and assaulting prominent Conservatives every time they step foot in public.

We all know the infamous case of Sarah Huckabee Sanders and the Red Hen in Virginia but do you know about the harassment of Tomi Lehren, Candace Owens (damn girl, liberals really hate you), and Kirsten McNielsen just to name a few?

Unfortunately for everyday, regular citizens, the unstable Left are moving beyond high profile figures as their targets.

Teenagers brave enough to openly support our President are being assaulted, their property being stolen and destroyed or damaged.

Unfortunately, the Alt-Left like Antifa, BLM and 4th Wave Feminist share this temperament with the party leadership who are calling on people to publicly confront and harass any conservative they meet.

Many Are Afraid to Say Speak their Minds

Conservatives have collectively gone into hiding to avoid the loss of friends, income, family, and their safety.

Many outspoken conservatives will continue speaking their minds defiantly, proudly and without regard for the opinions of others.  These members of our community are incredibly important as they act as a support system for others.

They are a source of strength and resilience.  Their contribution is invaluable.

But what about the others?  What about the people who cannot afford to risk the overwhelming repercussions of such defiance?  What about the rest who honestly want peaceful, respectful and calm discussions when this no longer exists in our society?

Do they just listen and watch from deep inside this Conservative Closet?

My answer is, No. Not anymore.

The Closet on the Right is here to return the voice to those who have lost it.

This is your platform.  We are your megaphone.

Help us fight the hate with love.

Our mission will fight the lies with facts.

We will fight the injustice with perseverance.

Please, send us your stories and we will share them. Your voice will be heard and we will not stop until every single person no longer feels like they need to hide.

How The Closet on the Right Works:


We accept non-anonymous content through The Closet on the Right.  We will attribute your name, social media profiles or any other content if you wish in the “about this author” section of your post. Include pictures if you wish, otherwise, we will find them for you. Please email submissions to info@theclosetontheright.com

Anonymous Submissions go through The Voice Behind the Door (for more information click here).  These posts are completely anonymous and do not include any personal information or details that may give away any indication of who you are.


We will review, edit and upload your submission within 3-5 days.  Additionally, we do reserve the right to edit submissions for readability, grammar, and SEO.