Pedophiles in the LGBT: Access Denied

NO.  Pedophiles are NOT welcome in the LGBT Community.  Article over.

Just kidding. I actually have a lot to say about this because I have ZERO TOLERANCE for two kinds of people, those who hurt children and animals.

So if you’re here looking for an ally or support, leave now because this isn’t going to end well for you.

About a month ago, I saw a Tedx video of a woman calmly explaining that pedophilia is a natural human attraction.

She begins in a very sing-song voice proclaiming that “Jonas” a Munich Law student is a closeted pedophile who is attracted to female children between the ages of 6 and 12 years old.

Her tone and demeanor are obviously seeking to invoke sympathy for Jonas, painting him as a tortured, suppressed individual who must hide from his family and others.

She continues to attempt to distinguish “pedophilia” as a normal sexual attraction that can be homosexual, bisexual or heterosexual in nature.  Furthermore, this sexual orientation of “pedophilia” must not be confused with sexual abuse which is obviously illegal.


Exactly, Ryan Gosling. Exactly.

I was unable to find the recording date of this TEDx talk, but I do know that it was preceded by a article telling the story of a Virtuous Pedophile.

In the story, they explain how a “virtuous pedophile” is a person who has an attraction to children but does not act on it.  (Give this guy a medal)

All this new positive media coverage seems to have emboldened the closet perverts to start peering out from whatever hole they’ve been living in and make an attempt to rebrand themselves.

Pedo SymbologyNow, pedophiles and their advocates refer to themselves as “MAP and “NOMAP”.  These stand for “Minor-Attracted Person” and “Non-Offending Minor Attracted Person”.  They have a flag and are actively trying to latch onto the LGBT community.

Their claim is that their attraction is a uncontrollable sexuality that is the same as homosexuality, bisexuality, and heterosexuality.  They have no control over it, therefore, we must normalize it and accept it.

They were born this way.

Love is Love.

Right? WRONG.

You may not be able to control your sexual attraction, however, there is one major defining factor that can not be overcome.  CONSENT.

Those of us in the LGBT community only engage with others in the LGBT community when both individuals are CONSENTING ADULTS.  End of story.

The pathetic attempt to rename or rebrand these predators is just that, pathetic.

I can rename cyanide to be “fast-acting indefinite sleep-aid”, and it doesn’t mean I can just purchase it at my local Walgreens.

Or perhaps we should start calling nuclear warheads, “population reboot button”.

It actually works both ways if you think about it.

If pedophiles are in fact a Minor-Attracted person, then you should start calling abortion what it really is.  MURDER.

But Lynzee, if they are “non-offending” and want to seek treatment so they don’t hurt anyone, shouldn’t you be supportive?

Great question. In theory, yes.

However, in my opinion, those individuals would have to register, seek treatment that is supervised, medication and allow their electronic devices to be monitored.  What person would actually want to live that way regardless of how “virtuous” they claim to be?

On the other hand, if we vilify them and treat them like the predators they are, they will stay in hiding which could potentially lead to a collapse in personal will-power.

So what is the answer? I have no idea because I’m not a psychologist who specializes in this type of mental illness.  I don’t know what the likelihood of them offending is.

However, none of this even begins to cover “Minor-Attracted People”.  Let’s not forget about them.

Since they don’t have “Non-Offending” attached to their new shiny name, does that mean they are actively pursuing a relationship with a minor?  If so, I have a new sleep-aid that just became available on the market.

And that’s the nicest possible version of what you would experience if I ever come in contact with you.

So let me be very clear, normalizing this will never make it ok.  We will not let you attach yourselves onto this community at any cost.



Please sign this Petition to tell pedophiles you are not welcome in the LGBT Community.

Say NO To Pedophiles using the LGBT Movement as a vessel to normalize their crimes.


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5 Responses

  • I’m “confused”. If someone is for whatever reason somehow attracted to robbing banks, but never robs a bank, why does anyone care and why does a non-offending bank robber need acceptance?

    They would want some sort of medal, or a chest to pin it on, because they don’t behave in a socially unacceptable manner?

    What is it that they are after, if not to somehow normalize their attraction to the extent that society would for some reason, which I hope I never live long enough to see, actually condone their acting out on their attractions?

    I just don’t get it. What could possibly be their motivation to trying to normalize what it is that they think they are?

    • “I just don’t get it. What could possibly be their motivation to trying to normalize what it is that they think they are?”

      The purpose is to get people used to the idea of tolerating a known pedophile in their midst without the urge to literally kick them in their ‘attraction’.

      Human beings are fiercely protective of not only their own but of ALL children. It’s an instinctual drive that finds its roots in your need to perpetuate the species. But what the left has learned is that even the most deeply held drives can be suppressed by indoctrination and a good PR campaign. Look at abortion. At one time it would be commonplace to hear a mother-to-be with a troubled pregnancy say something like, “Save my baby! I don’t care if I die, just save the baby!” Right? Now we argue that women should kill their unborn child if the pregnancy threatens her life and don’t even stop to think that MAYBE there is another side to the argument. We got there by a continuous and one-sided talking point justifying the murder of millions in the name of “women’s health”.

      It’s called ‘normalization’. Humans are unique among the animal kingdom for their ability to overcome instinct and can rationalize nearly anything. If the left is successful at humanizing and normalizing non-offending pedophiles, you will start seeing arguments as to why they should be allowed to act on their “natural proclivities”. After all, it’s not their fault, right? And EVERYONE deserves to be loved by someone they are attracted to right? And then will come the claims that pedophilia is only considered wrong because of old-fashioned ideas and unenlightened religious zealots.

      Bottom line: They want our children… and they want YOU to be OK with it.

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