Is #WalkAway Russian Bots?

#WalkAway Russian Bots

Is #WalkAway Russian Bots?

Liberals will do anything to discredit anything that is a threat to them.  Case in point, they claim we’re all just a bunch of #WalkAway Russian bots.

Obviously, this is a stupid claim to make as it’s been proven that these supposed “Russian Bots” will attach themselves onto anything trending on the left and the right.

Well, here’s my response:

Whether Democrats want to believe it or not, people are walking away from your party.  They are sick of the hate, the violence and intolerance you spew.

To be completely honest, we don’t care if you believe it’s real or not because the real evidence will show up in the only place it matters The Polling Booths.

See you all in November.


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