An Open Letter to Republicans Welcoming Those Who #WalkAway

Let me begin with, this movement isn’t about us.  Like you, I’m excited, and more optimistic by this than I’ve been in over a decade.  Our position in this is to do four things:

  • Welcome those who are newly coming to the Truth
  • Demonstrate by our actions the Truth
  • Protect those leaving the abuse of the left
  • Educate these new free thinkers

Brandon opened a new underground railroad, and we are the conductors.  Our job is to ensure their transition involves as little trauma as possible.

Unfortunately, we can’t remove all of it, but we can protect them, provide an example to them, and educate these newly freed people to the truth they are desperately searching for.

In return, we gain strength in our movement due to people realizing within their own free will that they don’t wish to ever again be subjugated intellectually.  We gain strength from this, and our nation gains strength.

We are to welcome those coming to the truth.

They are traumatized by the abusive actions of the left and its rigid orthodoxy.  Reading and watching their testimonials reminds me of an abused spouse fleeing their abuser.  These people have been brutalized by an ideology and mental prison system that resulted in their captivity and prayed on their fears.

The political left truly abused anyone not willing to adhere to their ideology.

They abuse us in the same de-humanizing way.

The difference is, we find it humorous as the blood libel they throw at us is ridicule at its base, and only demonstrates their own ignorance of the Truth.  Anyone who understands what Fascism believes knows it’s a form of extreme socialism, like its ideological cousin Communism … the extreme left.  And according to the left, the extreme right is found in Libertarianism and Constitutional governance.

We must demonstrate our actions to these new friends, brothers, and sisters with our actions.  Nothing speaks louder than that.  Remember, the Jewish Prophet Hosea stated,

“For I desire mercy and not sacrifice” (Hosea 6:6).

If you’re like me, you’ve been called a Nazi, fascist, homophobe, bigot, sexist, etc.  … to a point where you want to puke.   Also to the point where the visceral reaction of such baseless claims has long since lost its power.

All this blood libel does is remind you that the left can’t provide a counter to the facts you’ve presented.  The people here are not the enemy.  They have left the enemy camp in search of refuge.

These people leaving the left have been abused.

Abused for no greater crime than questioning the worldview they are presented with.

Like a woman escaping an abusive husband, we must protect them, strengthen them, and give them a place of refuge in the freedom we have enjoyed.  They are new to it and are most likely cautious and scared of this new world.

The difference between us and them is purely background and experiences.  If you are like me, and a lifelong conservative/libertarian, you’ve never known a time of intellectual servitude.  You’ve always been free.  You also have become strengthened to withstand the mindless slogans and idiotic attacks of the left.

These people have not reached that point yet, … but with our help, they will.  They are the hope of the Republic.

Finally, we must educate these people in the full breadth of their new found freedom.

We must show them by example.  Lead from the front.

As we all laughed at President Obama, when he claimed “lead from behind”, we all understand that no such state exists.  You either Lead from the front or follow from behind.

No other state exists in nature.

Answer their questions, show them the true limitlessness of their new freedom based on actual facts (including the unpleasant ones).

And embrace them as your new brothers and sisters, as that is exactly what they are.


Michael Digman, Author

Recently Retired Career Naval Officer, Michael Digman attended Annapolis and holds degrees in Mathematics, National Security & Strategic Studies, and in Strategic Analytics.  A devout married Evangelical Christian and a life-long conservative.  The #WalkAway movement has inspired him to express his gratitude and acceptance to those who have recently Walked Away.

One thought on “An Open Letter to Republicans Welcoming Those Who #WalkAway

  1. P. Edward DiMarco says:

    Excellent “Open Letter” to all those who truly want to seek the Truth. The truth and honesty that you present in your open-hand will be received by many like a breath of fresh air. Well done, sir, very well done. (Go Navy, Sir!! Beat Army, Sir!!)
    Ed DiMarco

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