The Voice Behind The Door: Introduction

The fear is crippling.

My mind races with ideas.

I want to share…but I can’t.

This life is wonderful. Each day I sell. And from my products, I make a good living. A better living than I’ve ever made before. It’s nice to have a diet that isn’t forty percent Ramen noodles. I just bought a couch and it arrives tomorrow. A new couch that didn’t fill me with stress about whether I could afford it.

There will be long football Saturdays spent on the couch as watch my teams and achieve a happiness that can only be known when the leaves start to turn.

Outside, though, a tempest has been raging for some time.

It has engulfed the world.

Many have chosen sides. The slings and arrows of vitriol bring down people every day. I’ve watched them fall from both sides of the aisle.

Anti Republican Lies

And I cower.

In my closet.

It’s lonely in here. It’s dark. I’m afraid.

What sort of person lets other people fight the battle? Cowardice weighs heavy on my heart, but still, the risk is real. I depend upon the sales of my products. If I came out and declared who I was, what I believed in, and tried to have a conversation about the solutions I feel are best for the country, there would be retribution.

It is easy to leave a one-star review.


My products, which I’ve poured years into developing and marketing, are like my children. I adore them. To watch each fall at the hands of angry bitter leftist rebels scares me to death.

And they would fall.

A tweet.

A post.

A call-to-arms, “Get him, he is a REPUBLICAN, he must die. Cut off his lifeline. Destroy his means of living. Bury him,” would surely come.

I hide.

I need an outlet, though.  A place for my ideas to flow freely.  I know that it would be more than just a form of therapy for me, but my hope is that it will reach others who feel the same.

Perhaps someday we can all gather the courage to come out of this Conservative Closet together.  Perhaps, someday I won’t have to.

Each day I read the testimonials. With every story, a tiny seed of hope is planted. The heroic stands taken by so many lifts me up. I can see where the movement is going. I’m filled with joy…and maybe a little less fear.

And to the brave souls who are fighting, Lynzee, Brandon, and all the others, this is my contribution.

I dedicate this forum to helping those on both sides understand the fear that many of us live with day in and day out.  I dedicate this forum to regaining my voice.  I dedicate this forum to giving you back yours.


I am The Voice Behind the Door.


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8 Responses

    • Exactly, Brenda! We will overcome all the hate with love and get our country back from the tyrants who are trying to destroy it. Welcome! We are so blessed to have you here.

  • I found you through David Harris. How right he was when he described you the strong woman that is defying the odds, accepting and sharing with others that it’s past time we stopped cowering and Stand for our beliefs and what is best for our families and this country.

    • Thank you so much Mary! And thank you for your support. I hope that I can return the favor with this blog and help everyone have their voice heard without fear of retaliation. God Bless you and Welcome.

  • Spot on…I hope that one day, we all can openly speak our views without fear of irrational retaliation from those who want nothing more than to destroy those they disagree with.

    • One day, Dan. One day. Until then, bring your voice here and we will help you scream it from the mountain tops! Thanks for coming!

  • Hi LD. Just discovered you via YouTube. Thank you. I am proud of you. You are doing something that is really helping our country. God bless you.

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