#WalkAway: Restoring Our Natural Balance


A Shift Is Occurring Thanks to #WalkAway


In every aspect of nature, there exists a balance.

Plants and animals all have an opposing force that prevents their numbers from growing so large that they end up destroying their own ecosystems.  Can you imagine if there were no lions to hunt zebra and other prey animals?  These creatures would grow in population, eat all the vegetation and wipe themselves out.

On the other hand, if there were more lions than zebras, they would hunt every animal, nothing would be left to eat, and…wait for it…wipe themselves out.

Moral of the story: Too much of any one thing, is bad.  Tip the scales too far in one direction; you get chaos and death.

This concept applies to virtually everything, including humans and their behaviors.  Politics, religion, economics, you name it, they all seek an equilibrium.

Want a completely unregulated capitalistic market like we had in the time of John D. Rockefeller, Andrew Carnegie, and Henry Ford?  Well, that may have seen a massive surge in economic prosperity for some, but it meant inhumane working conditions and pay for the rest.  Monopolies were formed, and corruption took hold.

Workers On StrikeObviously, the opposite is even more dire.

Overregulate or place too much power in the hands of the government and you end up with Soviet Russia, North Korea, and Venezuela just to name a few. Our forefathers were wise enough to realize that to prevent such tyranny, they needed to have representation on both sides of the aisle keeping the other one in check.

Up until recently, America did a good job of maintaining the balance.

If a sitting president went too far to one side, almost by clockwork, the other party would rally in the next election and tip the scales back the other way.  People disagreed, argued, definitely rolled their eyes and then moved on.  They continued with their lives and the sky didn’t fall.


Fast forward to 2016.

Democrats had the Holy Grail of American Presidents in office for 8 years.

It was this generation’s Kennedy moment.

#WalkAway From the ViolenceLife was good.  Well, maybe they thought it was for them, but unfortunately, the rest of America disagreed and elected a wildcard for President.

You know the story.

Tears were shed, cars were flipped, stores were looted, marches were marched, the sky probably fell and the tantrums began.  Antifa was born.  Feminists made pink hats.

Social Justice Warriors fired up their MacBook Pros and began “The Resistance”.

Every week the temperature of the country climbed, and Tweeting wasn’t enough anymore.  They became militant.

Anyone who disagreed was a target for violence, harassment, and hate. The Democratic party was becoming unrecognizable. Unfortunately for them, the universal law of restoring balance began working against them.

And the scales moved.

#WalkAway Founder Brandon StrakaSomewhere in New York City, a gay hairstylist was shooting a video.

He had something to say.

Would people listen?

Yes, and the response was overwhelming! It started a movement so powerful, people from all walks of life came together in the most unlikely way. The #WalkAway hashtag was born. Brandon Straka’s life is forever changed.

He became the face of a colossal shift in alliances. A change unlike any we’ve witnessed in a generation.

With a Facebook group of 170k members (As of August 15, 2018), millions of tweets and Democrats blaming “Russian bots”; this campaign is growing by the day and shows no signs of slowing down.

People are realizing they’re not alone. They want to separate themselves from the hysteria that has been holding our country hostage.

It doesn’t matter what your gender, skin color, sexual orientation or background is anymore.

The left has shown time and time again that they don’t care about these details, if you disagree with them then you must be silenced.  The right has shown that despite these details they have been accused of discriminating against, they will embrace you, support you and stand by you (even if they don’t agree with you).


Let me say that again, the right has embraced diversity and welcomed the lost souls from the left with open arms.


The left has dissolved into the intolerant, hateful party of discrimination they have “fought against” for so long.  They have gone too far.  The scales have been tipped too much.

The #WalkAway movement is here to restore the natural order that has always made America great and with brave leaders like Brandon, we’re going to Keep America Great.


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